Ready for Summer with Janette

Ready for summer with Janette

Are you ready for summer? Because I sure am, as soon as this Luxembourgish weather gets hotter and the remaining time to my holiday gets shorter. For this occasion, Janette sent me their holiday edition bag containing several essential for a fun summer! Janette is offering the Pochette, the only beauty and fashion subscription box in Luxembourg. Every month you can receive a unique mix of makeup, jewelry and fashion accessories. Check out what the holiday edition contained!Ready for Summmer_Janette pochette

1. This was not the first time I tried BE cosmetics nail polish, as I already own one. I knew there will be great quality. This blue colour is Lagoon and I have already worn it with my matching blue shoes!

Ready for Summer Janette_BE Creative nail polish Blue Lagoon2. Thala Essential Oil is a face serum containing essential oils to revitalise, hydrate and invigorate the skin. I apply it both at night as a night cream and in the morning, after cleaning and toning the face, and before the sun cream. I pour 3 drops on my wet hand, and then massage it into the skin on the face and the neck. I love it because a serum was one of the steps that was missing from my skincare routine and it makes my face super smooth!

Ready for summer with Janette - Thala Essential Oil3. After sun hair & body wash. This is perfect for travelling, being a 2 in 1 product that saves you in your luggage and nourishing both your body and hair after being exposed to the sun. I will definitely take it on my trip this summer – even if I might not go to the beach, it is important to protect yourself against the rays of sun.

Ready for summer with Janette_Davies hair and body wash4. Surfer Rosa fan. This was the first thing I saw when I opened the Pochette and I was super excited. I pictured myself melting on the couch on a hot August day (hoping that is when the weather will get hotter) or in the car, and then popping out of my bag this fan and cooling down. Yes! Plus, it’s blue and it matches the nail polish.

5. Safe Pocket condom. Janette thought of everything, from nourishing our body and hair after being exposed to the sun, to having flawless manicure and skin. But let’s not forget to protect ourselves 😉

6. The orange/pink satin bracelet of Brazilian inspiration from Lucky team will look perfectly on your tanned skin! You should definitely go get one for yourself (Psst I also have a 15% discount code for you: LUCKY )

7. Lapapaye Postal card. Is it me or it has a South of France vibe to it? I picture myself at the beach in Cannes, sipping on champagne and wearing big retro sunglasses.

I also really love the actual bag in which all the products came in. It’s of great quality and has a really cute illustration on it! I will so use it as a makeup of jewelry bag when travelling! I would definitely love to check out further special editions of The Pochette!

Have you tried the Pochette by Janette before?

15 thoughts on “Ready for Summer with Janette

  1. Everything you basically need to survive summer, the surfer rosa fan is definitely a need in summer. And the after sun hair and body wash espessially if you are going on holidays. x

  2. Awesome post! I love the electric blue nail polish, and I may need to get some of that after sun hair and body wash for this intense California sun. 🙂

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