Polka Dot Style Guide

Polka dots are the perfect spring pattern – alongside with florals (obviously). Polka dots can be chic, elegant or playful – all depending on the colours, clothing and accessories. I have already mentioned them as one of my favorite spring/summer 2019 trends and hope to fill my closet with more of them, because, truthfully speaking, they are timeless.

For now, I have two extremely comfortable and versatile polka dot summer dress. How can you wear them ? You can dress them down with sneakers (the most comfortable choice), but you can dress them up with stockings and high heels. For a casual chic vibe, wear your polka dot dress with flats to sandals, and one bold accessory. In colder weather, pair them with stockings and ankle boots. I am a big fan of easy outfits that make you look put together easily, and a polka dot dress will definitely to that for you, no matter the shoes or accessories you choose. What’s next on my list? A great polka dot blouse in black and white, and a bolder one in yellow marigold! I would easily pair both blouses with my favourite jeans for comfort and high heels for extra glam.

Do I want to be bolder? How about polka dot pants?? I hope to find a good pair in shops, because trying on pants is a journey for me, as I am petite, but not super skinny, so finding something that’s not too long, and doesn’t make me look too wide, is challenging.

I am realising that, while I actually love polka dots, I have not had many items on my closet. Thinking back in time, I rarely went for them – also because they are not as pervasive as animal prints. I am making a pledge that this spring and summer, I will actively look for polka dots in shops!

Are you on board with the polka dot trend? What’s your favorite polka dot item ?

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