How to use Pinterest to Grow your Fashion Blog

I remember the first time I discovered Pinterest – it was in its first days and I was rather excited about trying out a new social network. I would spend hours, pinning adorable photos of cats and closeups of delicious dishes. When I started blogging, I was simply pinning my blog posts to my blog’s board, but I was not seeing any traffic. I legit got 1 view on my blog from Pinterest since I started by blog and until I started to implement my Pinterest strategy. Ever since I joined a few blogger groups on Facebook, I discovered how amazing Pinterest can be. It’s much more than a place to pin and see pretty pictures, it’s a search engine!

Pinterest can be amazing for your blog

After intentionally using Pinterest in the past half year or so, I have seen my Pinterest traffic increasing month to month.
Here is what you can do to get started!

Pinterest tips for bloggersOptimize your Pinterest to grow your fashion blog!

1. Have a Pinterest business acocount
All you have to do is go to and convert your account!

2. Have rich pins
To have your pins look more professional, you should apply for rich pins. A rich pin has the website it’s been pinned from attached to it. Check out this post on how you can set up your rich pins!

3. Have a kickass bio
It’s important to have your Pinterest name & bio on point! You have to use keywords to characterize your blog and explain what you do. My name on Pinterest is “Saccharine Soul | Fashion + Beauty + Travel Blog”. My bio has these keywords in it too “Your source for fashion inspiration, beauty reviews & travel tips”

4. Blog Board
Create a board that is only with pins of your blog posts. It should be the first board on your profile where you pin your blog posts as soon as you publish them. After that, repin your own pin to other relevant boards and group boards. That is, if you have a fashion post featuring gorgeous shoes, you can repin that to your fashion board and your shoes board. Thanks to the blog board, people coming to your profile can have a visual overview of the type of content you publish on your blog!

5. Have focused boards
Your boards have to be in line with your blog. When I reorganized my boards, I went on and make them to cater to specific topics. For example, besides a fashion board, now I have boards focusing on shoes, accessories and bags. Delete (or make secret) boards with topics that are not covered by your blog. The top boards on your profile should be related to the topics you cover the most. On my Pinterest, my first board is the one dedicated to my blog, followed by Fashion, Beauty and Travel.

6. Have consistent design of your pins
The pins form your blog posts should have a consistent design, so people can easily recognize that they are yours. Make sure you are using the same format (vertical pins work the best!), same layout, fonts and colours. I use Canva to make all my blog-related pins!

7. Board covers
For a neat look of your Pinterest profile, it’s nice to have board covers with the topic of the board. Instead of having a randomly chosen photo, you can have a neat text in the same colours as your pins. Your profile will look neat and professional!

8. Join group boards
I have to say that pinning to group boards has been a total game changer for me! This is one way to get your pins out there and make them viral! I usually find group boards in blogging groups on Facebook. Another way is to check other the profiles of other pinners in your niche and see what group boards they are part of. Each group board has a description on how you can join – usually you would have to email the owner and let them know your topic and profile. You can also create your own group board! If you are a fashion & beauty blogger, you can also join my group board!

9. Pin a lot
I do a lot of manual pinning. Every day I pin around 10 photos per board (so a total of around 70 pins), as well we repining my own pins to other boards and group boards. It is crucial that you are active and pinning every day!

pinterest tips for bloggers

Phew, that was a lot! These are my top 9 tips on how you can jump start your Pinterest for your fashion blog. They are must haves that give your Pinterest profile a nice, clean and professional look! ☺ What are your top Pinterest tips?

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Take your blog to the next level by properly setting up your Pinterest! Check out how you can use Pinterest to insanely grow your fashion blog!

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