Taiwanese beauty: 5 brands you have to try

Ever thought of Taiwanese beauty? Everybody right now is obsessed with Korean and Japanese beauty that we sometime forget about everybody else.

Polka Dot Style Guide

Polka dots are the perfect spring pattern - alongside with florals (obviously). Polka dots can be chic, elegant or playful - all depending on the colours, clothing and accessories. I

Casual Spring Outfit: T-Shirt and Sneakers

I love the warmer temperatures and crisp air of spring. After a winter full of sweaters, fur coats and boots, I am slowly getting ready for spring and summer clothes.

How to layer clothes winter style

Looking for some inspiration on how to layer clothes this winter? One of the major reasons I love cold weather is the fact that I can have multiple layers, plus coat plus scarf, making me feel all cosy. Layers are super important especially when outside is freezing but your office is warm. I have many favorite layering combos and they are all involving sweaters. I know it’s obvious. But by layering sweater you are able to not only be warmer but also use pieces of clothing that are not meant only cold weather. I picked three combinations of cardigan/sweater + warmer weather clothing. Check them out and let me know how you like to layer in winter!