Outfit: White Tank Top

I’ve been wanting for a long time to get my hands on some simple tank tops like this one. I have it also in light pink. They are super long, so I opt for tucking them inside jeans or a high waist skirt (actually this is the combination I was aiming for when I got those tops). If you are lazy person early in the morning, grab such a tank top and pair it with your favourite pair of jeans. For an extra feel of ‘I am fully awake and put together’ add a statement necklace. Even better if you can manage to put on some heels (#lifehack).

It may depend on the material of your tanktop (mine is polyester) but normally you should always keep it ironed. Grabbing a wrinkled shirt when you are too lazy can ruin your day. So make sure to iron them right after you wash them.

ootd white top collage

Tank top from New Yorker / Jeans from Jennyfer / Cardigan from Zara / Necklace from Tally Weijl /

Heels from random shop

17 thoughts on “Outfit: White Tank Top

  1. You have a keen sense of style – love the pairing of the tee and that amazing necklace. I am going to put a similar outfit together over the weekend – thanks to your style suggestions!

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