Outfit: White at the Polo Games

Last Sunday I attended the final of the 3rd edition of the Luxembourg Polo International games. There were over 30 degrees, so obviously I opted for a white dress and sandals. The weather was so hot last week in Luxembourg, that it was not possible to wear any make-up, especially foundation.
polo games_luxembourg
I like warm sunny weather, but that was a bit too much, I kept wishing that it would rain a little bit to freshen up everything – I guess my wish was heard – now there’s maximum 20 degrees and it’s raining (oops!)

polo outfitI did wear sunglasses from time to time – I don’t know why not in the photo, so I’m just squinting and looks like my eyes are closed – but had no hat whatsoever. I have been walking around for a few hours, looking at the game from time to time, not really finding a seat, but I did manage to have some water – so when I came back home, I was all burning and spent the rest of the day with cold showers and lots of water. What have I learned? I need to get myself a hat at least.

After the games were over and before the award ceremony, there was also a Courrèges fashion show which I will cover in a different post.

10 thoughts on “Outfit: White at the Polo Games

  1. Hi love!
    I really like this look on you. It’s simple and clean, and the sandals and red lip at the right amount of interest to make it pop. Hope the weather gets better. It’s been sweltering where I am to the point where you start sweating after a few minutes…so annoying.

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous. I am so in love with your sandals! A hat can help a lot in hot weather it avoids sun burning your face.
    Your blog is amazing by the way xx

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