Outfit: Striped Crop Top

I really like how I look and feel with high waisted skirts. I have been wanting a black one for a long time, so I can wear it with crop tops and not have too much skin showing (compared to wearing them with my usual low waisted jeans). I usually prefer not to have too many colours on me so here the shoes and the bag were the perfect red pops of colour to a black and white outfit.
To be honest, this outfit could get a bit too uncomfortable if you do not want to have skin showing between the crop top and skirt (particularly if you wear it at work). Also, in my case, the shoes are uncomfortable so I still have to loosen them up a bit more. Otherwise, literally everything I am wearing was love at first sight, from the jacket that I bought 7 years ago to my shiny shoes I got this summer. Striped Crop Top 3

Striped Crop Top 2
Striped Crop Top outfit Jacket from Zara / Crop top from H&M / Skirt from a random shop / Shoes from Hermosa (Romanian shop) / Bag from the South of France / Necklace from Tally Weijl

18 thoughts on “Outfit: Striped Crop Top

  1. I love this outfit so much! It’s one of those outfits that can easily be transitioned from day to night, which I love! I need to get myself a good pencil skirt like that… I just can never seem to find ones that are good for my short frame.

  2. I really like how you styled all your outfit! I have a pencil skirt in my closet, but it’s so damn difficult to walk with it, because it’s so tight :)))

  3. I really love the combination, the colors and how this look suits you! I don’t have body type for that kind of skirts so I am always really jealous when I see someone wearing it so well 🙂
    I might consider to buy the necklace, is it from this year collection? Where is that shop in Luxembourg?


    1. Thank you ❤ I bought the necklace in Vienna in February. There is a Tally Weijl shop in Luxembourg close to the Zara one

  4. I have almost identical necklace and wear it a lot because it looks amazing. Great post and great outfit, thinking about buying jacket like yours. Will definitely pop back to check your blog again.

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