Faux Fur Vest

Aren’t you also obsessed with having a faux fur vest? This one is actually my sister’s (and it’s form Bershka) but I actually got one for me later that day from Tally Weijl. This is the same kitty shirt as here and since I had the idea of faux fur vest I have been dreaming of this combination. Now I feel like all my shirts, t-shirts and dresses can be completed with a faux fur vest – maybe except tank tops and tops with really short sleeves. Both my vest and this vest have pocket – that is definitely something I wasn’t expecting and that I find really useful.ย  One downside of faux fur vests is the fact that it can leave hair on your clothes. Otherwise it’s really comfy, soft and does not make you look too chunky if you put another jacket over.

faux fur vest outfit

The rest of my outfit is quite simple, black leggings with black boots. This is what I wore to spend the afternoon shopping and hanging around in the city. Must have been weird trying on faux fur vests when I already had one on me though.

faux fur vest fall outfit


faux fur vest outfit closeup

What do you think of faux fur vests? Do you have one? How do you like to wear it?

faux fur vest fall outfit trend

Faux fur vest from Bershka/ Kitty shirt from H&M / Legging from New Yorker / Lipstain from Sephora

15 thoughts on “Faux Fur Vest

  1. I love that you paired this with a printed shirt, it adds character to the whole outfit. Your hair and the faux fur vest also adds for an edgy touch to an otherwise elegant outfit. xo

  2. I LOVE this outfit!!! Fur is so on point with trends- From the 70’s boheme trends, to the textured fabric trends!!! The kitty shirt is so cute too ๐Ÿ™‚ My boyfriend has a goose shirt that kind of reminds me of it!! cute cute cute <3

    haley xx freebirdfashion.org

  3. I’ve got a really smiliar faux fur vest to the one you’re wearing in the pictures and I absolutely love it! If it’s cold outside it’s my go-to item for layering up! I love the cat shirt as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I love this outfit! I swear by my fur vest and have had it for years! I’m pretty sure faux fur vests are going to be around forever!


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