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sushi restaurant osaka

Osaka was our last stop in the Japan trip and we found it as being way livelier than Kyoto but also tamer than Tokyo. There are many great things to do, visit, eat and shop. Here’s the places where we ate during our 3-day stay!

Osaka food

Daiki Suisan. After 2 weeks in Japan, we finally went to a revolving sushi place. The plates where as cheap as 100 Yen (without tax which is 8%) and could go as far as 500 Yen for one piece. That was the place where I had the best tuna of my life and I would love some recommendations of Lxuembourg restaurants serving such high quality tuna. The drinks were also affordable. I took a melon soda which was 150Yen, and there is hot water and matcha powder for free.

sushi train osaka japan

Yayoiken. What I loved in Japan were those restaurants where you could place your order on a vending machine, and then you would have a seat and give the ticket with your order to the waitress. Yayoiken was one of those places, with delicious food – I had this set meal for under 1,000 Yen, which is less than 10E. I had a hot pot with beef and vegetables, a bowl of rice, a bowl of hot miso soup and a raw egg (where you would dip the meat). The food was delicious, and the service was flawless.

yayoike osaka set meal

Asahi beer restaurant. On the last day we had some time to kill in Osaka in between checking out from the hotel and going to the airport for our flight, which was a good few hours. They had a wide range of meat dishes – I took a small steak and my husband took cold beef on chopped onion. Both were really delicious.

asahi beer restaurant ocat osaka cold beef

asahi beer restaurant ocat osaka steak

Good Provision. This was actually an American & European restaurant on one of the last floors in the Umeda train station. I initially wanted to go for some Japanese steak they were offering, but ended up having a Caesar’s salad and my husband had a burger. The view of the area was beautiful at night and the food was delicious. As always with Japan, the service was flawless.

good provision osaka restaurant

Café le pin. As Osaka was the last stop in our Japan trip, we were kind of tired of walking and exploring for the past 2 weeks. So we kind of chilled more, like we did in Café le pin in Hankyu Umeda, one of the many shopping centres of Osaka. It was rather expensive compared to other cafés, but same price as any good café in Luxembourg. The coffee was delicious and the fruits in my husband’s cake were tasting like real fruits.

osaka cafe le pin

12 thoughts on “Osaka Food

  1. I should be sleeping already, it is 4:10am in the Philippines. But these photos of the food you ate, they look so yummy. I am thinking of opening the kitchen cabinet to see what food I have there!

  2. This looks awesome. So glad l found it as l am in the middle of planning our trip to Tokyo and am trying to decide between Kyoto and Osaka. The food looks awesome. I am dreaming of sushi..and more sushi.. :-).

  3. Amazing! I love Japan and really enjoyed seeing the photos of the food from Osaka and the prices sound amazing!
    I live in England and i worked out 100 yen is only 60p and 500 yen only £3.00 that is amazing for food in the first restauraunt.
    I would love to visit Japan some day myself i hope you really enjoyed yourself

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