off-the-shoulder trend

Wearing an off-the-shoulder white blouse is a way to celebrate the new summer days (maybe not here in Luxembourg, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed) and show off some tan (or fake tan, in case you had no opportunity to go to the seaside). I hope that the time for chunky sweaters and over the knee boots is gone for good (until November or so) and we can finally show off some summer clothes!

Off-the-Shoulder Inspiration

There are plenty of off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses to choose from. I would definitely not pick anything too, tight – it’s summer and we need to be comfortable. The off-the-shoulder trend can be worn everywhere (maybe not the office) from a walk by the beach (obviously) to a cocktail party on a warm summer night, to the brunch on the morning after that party.

off-the-shoulder blouses
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off-the-shoulder dresses
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white off-the-shoulder blouses
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This trend is very versatile and comes in all shapes and sizes, colours and materials.What are your favourites?

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6 thoughts on “Off-the-Shoulder

  1. Great post! Very well documented. I like how you showed the different types of off shoulders. Personally, I thing off shoulders with long sleeves are very elegant so I love the pastel ruffled dress from the second collage 🙂

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