Munich: Nymphenburg Palace

I actually realised that I missed one more post I visited in Munich during my Oktoberfest trip – the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace. This was the day when we were planning on checking out the Mercedes Benz showroom and then the Neue Pinakothek, so we started the day off early. It was really amazing that we caught a super sunny day, because the Nymphenburg has a gorgeous park too. However, due to the intense planning that we had, we did not explore it becasue it looked huge on the map.
nymphenburg munchen

nymphenburg palace munchen

park nymphenburg munchen

What I loved best was the ballroom at the entrance because it was spacious and glam. However, this and the rest of the rooms were not too different other German and Austrian palaces and museums. Either way, I would still recommend checking it out and then taking some time to explore the park around.

ceiling ballroom nymphenburg munchen

bedroom nymphenburg munchen

room nymphenburg munchen

ceiling nymphenburg munchen



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