Munich: Cars

We were in Munich, Bavaria, so we had to check out the BMW Welt and the Mercedes Benz showroom. We visited them on two different days. We decided that for two days, we will see a museum & a car showroom each day, so that way both of us see their favourites and at the same time do something different. The first one we visited was the BMW Welt, which is free, but there is also a Museum (where you have to pay but you get to learn more about the history of BMW ). It’s here that we saw one of the original BMW cars used in Mission Impossible and I found out that the Mini is perfect for my size.

Munich Cars

As far as the Mercedes Benz showroom is concerned, my husband preferred is more as there were many cars on display, on several levels, and also way less people. Of course, the BMW Welt and the Mercedes showroom are two different things and have different purposes.

BMW Welt

BMW Welt Munich _

BMW Welt Munich overview

BMW Welt Munich

BMW Welt Munich i8
BMW Welt Munich car Mission Impossible

BMW Welt Munich motorbike Mission Impossible

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Munich showroom

Mercedes Benz Munich AMG yellow

Mercedes Benz Munich AMG yellow _

Mercedes Benz Munich center

Mercedez Benz Munich AMG    Mercedes Benz Munich

Any other must sees for car enthusiasts?

Are you planning on visiting Munich for Oktoberfest? Make some time and have a look at the beautiful German cars! Check out the blog post to see where you can admire the latest Mercedes & BMW models!

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