Mud Mask for Flawless Skin

I am avid consumer of face masks (tons of sheet masks and LUSH masks), so me trying a mud mask was a MUST! I received Mudmasky over the weekend and I was really excited to try it on. I usually take my time in the morning on weekends – make my coffee, put a face masks and relax scrolling Instagram or Snapchat. This time was Mudmasky’s time. After my shower, I cleaned my face with charcoal soap, scrubbed my T-zone and put my mud mask.

Mudmasky mud mask

As soon as I put the mud mask, I felt a tingly sensation and when I was barely done with covering half my face, it was already starting to get dry and feel my skin tighten. The mask smells really good (flowery in my opinion) and the texture is rich but not too dense, so it’s easy to apply.

Mudmasky mud mask reviewBut you guys! It is important to note to pay attention to the instructions on the package – do put a thin layer and do leave an adequate amount of time one! I got carried away with Snapchat and ended up leaving the mud mask for 15 Minutes, which is no bueno! I should have cleaned everything except my nose after 7 minutes, and the nose 3 minutes late. But because I did not pay attention, my forehead was rather red – that went away quickly with a sheet mask and cream.

After the mud mask, my skin felt really tight, deep cleansed and *incredibly* soft (like a baby’s) and my pores were visibly smaller. I will continue to apply it once per week and I am sure I’ll be able to have makeup free days in no time!

Mudmasky is an all-natural mask, combining three different clays. It will refine your pores as well as detox and brighten your skin. I would definitely use it once per week to achieve smooth and flawless skin. You can purchase Mudmasky online; and if you are based in Europe, it could be at your doorstep in a few days. And even if you live further, at least worldwide shipping is free 😉

Are you a obsessed with skin care? If you are a mask addict and are looking for the best solution to achieve flawless skin, then the Mudmasky mud mask is your new BFF! Check out the post to find out more!

Have you tried a mud mask before?

35 thoughts on “Mud Mask for Flawless Skin

  1. I have heard a lot about mud masks but haven’t been sure about its productivity. do you have any suggestions for combination skin type? Not all masks suite my skin

  2. I use Clean&Clear face musk, it works good, but I always wanted to try mud mask. I’ve just never seen it. I guess I should order it online.

  3. This is a great review thanks for sharing! Masks are also part of my beauty routine, and I have tons of it! I think I use mask 2 times daily, hahaha

  4. I usually use sheet masks. That’s so easy haha. I haven’t tried a mud mask before. I like it that you see that this one smells good. It looks nice as well :).

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