I Tried Microneedling: Tok Stick Review

As a beauty junkie, I am up for trying any new beauty product around. I am not only curious for myself, by I enjoy reviewing unique products for my readers.

The tok stick was smaller than I was expecting and has a very sleek shape. The needles can be barely seen by the naked eye, that’s how small they are (0.18mm thickness). When I first opened it, I touched the micro needles with my fingers and I couldn’t feel a thing. This assured me that the microneedling procedure would be painless. Compared to the derma rollers that you see all over Instagram, the tok stick looks very mild and a great way to get started with microneedling.

microneedling tok stickFirst time I tried it, I placed the head with the needles inside alcohol to disinfect it. Afterwards, I poured inside the stick the 2ml of ampoule that came with the tok stick. Now the fun starts! I would start pressing the needles into the skin for around 5 seconds each time, to allow the liquid to go through the needles into the skin. The forehead is the area that hurts the least, while needling over the sensitive skin around the eyes is the most painful.

The skin becomes very red immediately after stamping, but calms down in around 30 seconds or so. The pain is bearable and you will not bleed. After stamping my face for around 5 minutes, my skin was feeling tight for around 20 minutes. I was looking rather bright and my cheeks were not redder than usual. The skin all over my face was feeling very plump and bouncy. Even after 1.5h, my forehead and skin around my eyes was still feeling rather tight.

I have been using regularly the tok stick for the past month, around once per week. As I was not provided with a lot of ampoules, I am now using my regular liquid essence. To let the skin recover and rest, I recommend using the tok stick in the evening, as part of the night skincare routine.

The tok stick claims to not only help reduce the fine lines and prevent wrinkles, but also reduce the appearance of pores. I have to say that while my skin has not dramatically improved, the tok stick does help the skin stay smooth. I believe that if I keep using it regularly, it will help my skin look better and better, in the long term.

microneedling tok stick

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