Luxembourg: Vianden Nut Market

The Vianden Nutmarket takes place once per year, on the second Sunday in October. As Corrie from Barefoot in Luxembourg suggests, it’s a “must” event just like the national holiday or the Schueberfouer.

Vianden nut market nuts

You should be prepared to bring quite some cash if you wish to purchase delicious nut liquor, or nut paté or simply a lot of nuts. The queue at the ATM is insane. If you come by car, be sure to come early (the market opens at 10am) so you can find a parking spot – we found one really far. At some point the road to Vianden is closed, because the centre of the village is closed for cars anyway. There is also a parking area “P+R”, from where you can take a shuttle bus to Vianden. We did not see it and we had no patience so we just walked. Also, be armed with patience because there will be a lot of people and the streets of Vianden will be overflowing with people.

viande nut market view

Vianden nut market river

Viande Nut Market Nut Liquor

Vianden Nut Market Nut Liquor

Vianden Nut Market crowd


10 thoughts on “Luxembourg: Vianden Nut Market

  1. My mate would love this she doesnt stop eating nuts lol.
    I havent been to a nut market but got taken to a cashew nut factory in Thailand which i thought was a bit strange

  2. I love travelling and I’m currently thinking where to go on my holiday. Unfortunately i see I missed the market. How expensive is the food there? Never been in luxembourg

    1. I would say the food in supermarkets is affordable, while eating in a restaurant/ fast food could be a bit expensive. On average, I would spend 20€/person but I don’t order more than a plate and a drink

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