Luxembourg: Snooze Pub

Some time ago we checked out the Snooze Pub in Luxembourg City. I have seen several snaps & blog posts on it, so I decided we should definitely give it a try. I think we were lucky to try it on a Saturday during the day because it wasn’t really full. We loved the interior and I was especially in love with the bar made out of green glass bottles (?).

I tried the Black Pearl burger (with black beans & mushrooms) with side matchstick fries and Snooze sauce. The patty was delicious (together with the big mushroom on top of it) as well as the bun. I loved that were a lot of fries, but I couldn’t finish them. I don’t know what the ingredients are for the Snooze sauce but personally, it was not something I liked.

snooze pub luxembourg - black bean burgerMy husband had a Spicy Mexican Burger (with meat) with sweet potato fries. We both agreed that the food was delicious and would definitely come back another time. Next time I might try a fish burger (never tried on in m life) and a different side dish. We did not try the dessert, as I was already full, but I heard the milkshakes are heavenly.

snooze pub spicy mexican burger luxembourg


12 thoughts on “Luxembourg: Snooze Pub

  1. wow, that looks so delicious, and your burger was vegetarian, right? That makes it even more delicious to me! Do you know besides the mushrooms what the patty was made from? Thx, Julielovesbeauty

    1. Yes, it was vegetarian (not sure about vegan though). They have on their website the menu and the ingredients for this burger are black beans, mushrooms, shallots, garlic, panko, rice and tomato. But the patty mostly tasted like the beans. and the mushroom was on top of the bean patty, kind of like 2 patties 😀 was really delicious!

  2. Oh my, it’s so rare to find places that do high-quality vegetarian food, I really struggle with it sometimes! That said, it looks amazing, I’m glad you had an awesome time! <3

  3. I loved the black pearl burger, but I think the menu is a bit pricey, even if the food was very good. Also, I managed to get myself locked in the bathroom (the handle was missing), so watch out 😉

  4. Well, thank you for this post as it is now bookmarked and I WILL be going here for some burger and fries. Look out for a post on this in the summer 😉

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