Luxembourg : Schueberfouer

Schueberfouer is a Luxembourgish annual fair at the end of August / beginning of September. This year, it was the 675th edition, with the first edition in 1340! It was set to begin on the eve of St Bartholomeus day and to last 8 days. Even today it is linked to this holiday and it begins on the Wednesday before this day.

For me, it means riding the big Ferris wheel and admiring the beauty of Luxembourg, eating churros and toasted almonst, walking around and looking at all the types of foods and sweets, struggling to not step or trip on somebody.

Am I the only one that loves the vibe of such fairs?

Schueberfouer Luxembourg 5

Schueberfouer Luxembourg 6

Schueberfouer Luxembourg 1

Schueberfouer Luxembourg 2

Schueberfouer Luxembourg 3

Schueberfouer Luxembourg 7

Schueberfouer Luxembourg 4

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  1. Looks like children had lots of fun there. If I won`t forget, I will pay a visit next year! Also, I never rode a Ferris wheel, so definitely have to go there now and have a blast 🙂