Luxembourg: Schengen & Remerschen

Last week we checked out Schengen and Remerschen, as we initially wanted to head out for some lake to take advantage of a very hot Sunday. Both villages are known for their wine and are near the point where the borders of Luxembourg, Germany and France meet. Schengen is also famous for the signing and giving the name to the Schengen Agreement.

We started by walking around the Moselle in Schengen and visiting the European Museum; we continued with some wine at the Caves du Sud in Remerschen and a dinner at the Chalet. In the end, we did not go to any beach to soak up the sun, but we did overlook the lake from our table, while we were melting under the heat.

Schengen Luxembourg
Moselle Schengen
Moselle, Schengen
swans schengen
Swans on the Moselle
Berlin wall Schengen
Pieces of the Berlin wall in Schengen
caves du sud remerschen
Caves du Sud, Remerschen
wines caves du sud
Wine at the Caves du Sud
planchette au jambon copy
Planchette au jambon (fries came a bit later)

Have you been in that region? What else would you recommend doing?

3 thoughts on “Luxembourg: Schengen & Remerschen

    1. Thanks for the tip! As we actually wanted to sunbathe a bit, we found the Chalet is close to it. But we decided on the spot to only eat. I still have one cave to check out in Schengen. I guess one more day will be spent around there 🙂

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