Luxembourg: Gang Nam Korean Restaurant

Last month we went for the first time to a Korean BBQ restaurant. I have been eyeing the Gang Nam Restaurant in Esch for some time, until I read Luxessed’s review and I was convinced we had to give it a try. We ordered the Mixed platter with several types of meat, prawns, salmon, skewers and vegetables. We also had noodles  and 3 types of kimchi as side dishes, and some sushi as starter. From what I saw on the menu, there are also BBQ dishes where the meat is already grilled, but we figured that for the first time here we should grill it ourselves, and try as much variety as possible. The service was flawless and for our ‘almost exploding because of too much food’ bellies, the price was worth it. Would definitely come back for a different type of dish 🙂

gang nam korean esch luxembourg
gang nam korean esch luxembourg sushi
gang nam korean esch luxembourg barbecue
gang nam korean esch luxembourg barbecue plate

7 thoughts on “Luxembourg: Gang Nam Korean Restaurant

  1. Hi from Canada! I absolutely LOVE korean bbq. It’s delicious! It’s very cool to see what korean bbq looks like in other parts of the world. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Korean food! I think all Korean food are served in big amounts. Because everytime we go to any Korean restaurants, we cannot consume everything and we always go home stomach full and satisfied.

    1. Hi Corie,
      What we took was a plate for 2 people and was 58E. You can check their menu, it’s online on the first link 🙂

  3. Great to hear that you tried this restaurant and that you liked it! I haven’t been for a while but this post reminds me that I should return sometime soon! xo

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