Luxembourg: Echternach

We spend last Sunday walking around Echternach. I read the night before that the region around – Mülerthall – is gorgeous, with beautiful nature and perfect for hiking. However, I myself am not such an active person, so we just went for a walk to the old centre of Echternach.

Echternach is a city in the Eastern part of Luxembourg , very close to the German border; in fact, the river Sauer, which flows close to the old city centre, is the border between Luxembourg and Germany. The city developed around the Abbey (scroll below to see), founded by St. Willibrord in the 7th century. In his honour, every Whit Tuesday there is a dancing procession, the last of this kind in Europe

Our time there was great because the weather was sunny and also a bit windy and refreshing. It was a rather short walk, going on streets filled with tourists and terraces, people enjoying themselves and  shops being open (on a Sunday!). After the street we were on was over, we discovered the Sure and walked along it – quite pleasant! It was in the shade and not so warm. And there were people on the river canoeing.

Echternach Luxembourg city centre-

Echternach Luxembourg patisserie-

Echternach Luxembourg city centre -1-

Echternach Luxembourg shopping street-


Echternach Abbey
The palace of the Abbey

We stumbled upon the Abbey of Echternach, a big complex of buildings (a beautiful orangerie, cathedral, palace and a building dedicated to workers). Shortly after we left the  Abbey, we were quickly back in the centre of Echternach, where we started.

Echternach Luxembourg - Abbey Orangerie-
The Orangerie of the Abbey, which is just accros the Abbey

Have you been to Echternach? What would you recommend doing there?

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