During my London trip, I figured that paying a visit to the LUSH store on Oxford Street is a must. The shop spans over 3 floors and so many products and offers I almost lost it. When I went in there, the first thing I asked for were store-specific products, but unfortunately were not the things I would be crazy about. So then I just asked for recommendations for a face scrub and mask, a solid shampoo that also nourishes and bath products that smell like cotton candy.

london christmas lush haul

I have already started to use the bath foam and the smell is divine. Really similar to the Snow Fairy shower gel.

buche de noel scrub lush

I love this scrub because previously I used the Angels on Bare Skin one. I realised that the LUSH scrubs are the best scrubs there are – natural, smell good and can be used safely for daily use. And they really do the job.

cranberry mask lush london

I never tried masks from LUSH and I was recommended this cranberry mask. It also has to be kept in the fridge so putting this masks makes for a refreshing break for you and your face. Just add id on your face generously, wait for 15 minutes and then rinse.

cranberry mask lush

I also purchased the Godiva solid shampoo (always wanted to try one), but as i kind of soaked it too much in water, I could not take a picture of it. LUSH does sell metal boxes like this one to keep the shampoo in. What I would suggest is using this box when you travel and the shampoo is totally dry. Otherwise, I would keep it on the side of the bath tub or sink, so it can dry faster. This shampoo does smell good and you do not need a lot to make foam. It also hydrates the hair, so for some time it’s ok to not use without conditioner.

What other LUSH products would you totally recommend?

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