LUSH Blogger Breakfast

lush blogger breakfast1
LUSH – delicious face masks

Yesterday morning I attended a blogger breakfast organised by LUSH Luxembourg. We were there early in the morning, at 9 am, one hour before the shop opened for the public. We were welcomed with hot coffee & tea and fresh pastries. Before receiving a tour of the shop, and its wonderfully smelling and looking products, we also received a press kit containing information on their Christmas limited edition products. In the end, we even got to make our own products: an exfoliating scrub and a bath foam (both solid) smelling too good to be used 🙂

lush blogger breakfast press kit
LUSH press kit
lush blogger breakfast soap
LUSH – mountains of soap
lush blogger breakfast6
LUSH Kiwi Face Mask

I also discovered new products – more like new versions of existing products. Like the bath bombs that are for a one-time use only and are just bombs, an explosion of color and delightful scents (maybe similar effervescent cubes). I also discovered solid massage bars, that with the heat of the body they melt into lotion/oil, and let’s not forget about the solid tooth paste.

lush blogger breakfast
LUSH – bath bombs
lush blogger breakfast5
LUSH – massage bar with coffee beans
lush blogger breakfast4
LUSH – solid tooth paste

For me, it was the first time attending such an exclusive event, so many thanks to LUSH Luxembourg & Carmen for organising this! It was a great experience that I would definitely love to repeat in the future!

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