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In mid-December 2015 I was in London for 1 week – it is one of my favourite places in the world and I truly enjoyed being there. It was also a great opportunity to try out some food places.

London Food Spots

Wild Food. I found this place after looking online for a vegetarian place. If you are wandering through Covent Garden, you can find this place in Neal’s Yard. I loved the food – I was not really hungry, so I had some sweet potato fries with aioli sauce, and a lemon ginger tea. The place was kind of full ( was there in the late evening) and it was really warm ( not much air either inside).

Wild Food Cafe London

Garfunkel’s. I went to the Garfunkel in the Trafalgar Square. I had some classic fish & chips with beer on my first evening in London.

Fish and Chips Garfunkels London

Girraffe. I went to Giraffe on my lunch break. It took quite a while to receive the food. I had some nachos with lemonade. I would recommend showing up quite early, or maybe already knowing what you want to eat, so you can save some time.

giraffe london nachos

Itsu. I absolutely loved itsu, a British chain of Asian-inspired food. From their drinks to dishes and desserts, everything was super delicious, filling, and rather healthy. Perfect for lunch.

itsu sushi london

Pret a Manger. This is another British chain, which is basically everywhere in London and the UK. I would go there for their hot drinks, but I decided to give a try to their healthy salads with avocado.

pret a manger avocado salad

Choocywoccydoodah. I found this place while strolling with a friend on Carnaby Street. What attracted my attention was the sign outside saying ‘Bar au chocolat’. I totally freaked out and as soon as we entered we found ourselves in a corner of heaven, full of big beautiful cakes and decorations made of chocolate. We were quite lucky, as we did not have to wait and we also got the coolest spot, a table that had a red couch.

Choocywoccydoodah London

The lady came to us with a big menu and we ordered 2 hot chocolates and one slice of multilayered chocolate cake. That we did not manage to finish, and I took with me, and finished in 2 days. I totally recommend it, but no matter how hungry you are, do not go crazy with the cake. And when we left the place, there was a huge queue of people waiting to be seated. We got super lucky.

Choocywoccydoodah London_cake and hot chocolate

Simit Sarayi. It was when I was strolling on Oxford Street, that I decided to give a try to this place. And I do not regret it, as they have a lot of delicious Turkish food, as well as the simit! The simit is the same as the Romanian covrig, and it is almost impossible to find anywhere in Luxembourg. I remember when I went to Istanbul, I was really excited to eat them!

The Hummingbird Bakery. This was a recommendation by my best friend, who has been living in London for a few years now. I went there on my last day, and I have to say that the cupcakes there are so beautiful and even more delicious. It was difficult to choose, as the had some cupcakes especially for the winter holidays.

Humminbird Bakery London

Pho. I found Pho when I went to Westfield and as I am always craving/in mood for a Vietnamese soup, I immediately went for a beef soup. It was insanely delicious!

Pho soup London

Mr. Pretzel. After the delicious Pho soup, I found Mr Pretzel, a pretzel stand that was not selling just pretzels, but ones that had Nutella on them, and many other goodies. Definitely a must!

Mr Pretzel London

Have you been to those spots? Which ones are your favourites and what others would you recommend?

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10 thoughts on “London Food

  1. Oh my gosh all this food looks so good – especially those cravings! I will send my best friend the link to this post as she is on her OE in london so will love it too! xx

  2. I’m writing all these spots down!!! If I ever go to London I have to hit these fabulous places!!!! I’m a total food nut 🙂

  3. These all looks so delicious! I have to save this post for later if I’ll ever get the chance to visit in London:-)

    <3: Jasmin N

  4. These all look amazing, the nachos would be my first choice they look so delicious! Great round up, a lot of great info for London first timers!

  5. I was looking round on your site and I saw theach featured pic and I just had to click on it! Wow shove that cake in my face! !! You’re a pescitarian right as you eat fish? I’m a full on vegetarian so no meat or fish. Finding good vege restaurants is tough! Ree love30

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