Laced Up Inspiration

The laced up trend has been going on for quite some time now, from flats and heels to shirts and dresses. It began with gladiator sandals (I was obsessed with my pair that I had 10 years ago) and made it’s way to tops, bodysuits and dresses.

Laced Up

laced up shoes spring inspiration
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It took me a few months to find my pair of laced up flats (in Pimkie) and even more months to find my pair of laced up sandals – on both pairs, I spent a rather low amount of money, compared to the ones advertised by most bloggers on Instagram. I am so much in love with these flats that I am considering getting them in leopard print, red and grey. But I know that is too much (is it?).

Laced up inspiration spring tops
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I am slowly building my laced up collection – I already have a pair of flats and high heeled sandals, and have been hunting for a nice laced up top that is not too revealing and can possibly be classy enough to be worn to work.

With cozy oversized sweaters and over the knee boots reigning over my winter wardrobe, I could not really feed my laced up obsession. But now that it is *very* slowly getting warmer (aka over 0 degrees), I start to do some research on decent looking laced up tops and dresses. As I am still on a hunt a good quality (cotton preferably) laced up top in Luxembourg that does not look like a pajama, I believe I will resort to buying online. I have seem some really great pieces on Misguided as well as on Asos, so if anybody has experience with these shops and their shipping, I would love to hear your opinion!

How do you feel about the laced up trend? Are you in love with it or already fed up with it?

15 thoughts on “Laced Up Inspiration

  1. Not sure whether it’s back in or whether it never left me, but i really really like it. It’s classy and elegant when done right 🙂

  2. I love the body suit!!! I want one so bad…
    Great post, haha now it’s going to get me to spend $$

  3. Lace-up tops have never been my thing. Lace-up heels are my go-to! They are absolutely comfy, stylish and just all around the best pair of heels a girl could own during Spring/Summer.

  4. I really love this trend. I just bought a pair of laced up sandals from Boohoo. I recently made my first purchase from Asos. I would recommend them ! Their customer service is amazing and it’s free shipping and free returned.

  5. I like the lace up trend. I already bought a pair of sandals when i was last year in Thassos.

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