Kyoto Travel guide (part II)

Welcome to the second part of my Kyoto Travel guide! As you remember from the first part, Kyoto is the former capital of Japan, rich in temples, museums and great food. We spent 3 days and we saw 5 temples and shrines – and not all the ones that we wanted to visit! It’s a great place to take your time and enjoy, and also venture outside the city for some hiking in the nature. There are some amazing landscapes!

Kyoto Travel Guide

The Ginkaku-ji temple was my favourite. It is a Zen temple in Kyoto’s eastern mountains, consisting of the Silver Pavilion, temples buildings, a moss garden and a dry sand garden. The way to see everything is follow the trail from which you can see the gardens and the buildings from different points.


Ginkaku-ji temple_garden

On the way to Ginkaku-ji (or from there), have a walk along the Philosopher’s Path. It was honestly not that impressive, but I am sure that it is way more beautiful when the cherry trees are in blossom. Like this it feels rather empty and melancholic – but still perfect for a philosopher no?

Kyoto_Philosophers Walk

The Higashi Honganji temple is one of the two Honganji temples – two large temples in the centre of Kyoto and not that far from the central station. They are the headquarters of the Jodo-Shin Sect (True Pure Land Sect), one of Japan’s largest Buddhist sects.

Kyoto_Higashi Honganji

Kyoto_Higashi Honganji_water place

Kyiomizudera temple is an independent Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto and is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World Heritage site. From up there you get an amazing view of Kyoto and you can spot many men, women and children wearing traditional Japanese clothing.

view of Kyoto from Kiyomizu Dera

Kiyomizu Dera_Kyoto

It is great to check out the Kyoto Tower for one evening, built to celebrate the 1200th anniversary of the capital’s foundation in Kyoto. You should definitely go up the rainbow stairs, to checking out Kyoto from higher up from the Observation Deck, and having a delicious diner at one of the restaurants in the shopping centre.

Kyoto train station

Kyoto travel guide_rainbow stairs Kyoto station

Kyoto travel guide_Kyoto from the top

The Kyoto Tower can also be added on the list. It is not as tall as some buildings in Tokyo, it is the tallest one in Kyoto (131 m) with the viewing platform at 100m. As we already had a nice view of Kyoto, we go inside it anymore. But it is a great sight through the city, both day and night.Kyoto travel guide_Kyoto tower

The International Manga Museum is hosted in a former elementary school and was opened in 2006. It’s not only a museum but also a place of research and library with hundreds of books. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take any pictures, but for a fee of 800Yen, it’s worth being introduced to the world of manga.

Kyoto Manga Museum
Kyoto travel guide_Kyoto Manga Museum mascot
The Museum’s Mascot

What would you visit if you went to Kyoto? If you have already been, what would you recommend? Stay tuned for food recommendations!

16 thoughts on “Kyoto Travel guide (part II)

  1. I would love to go to Kyoto more for the traditional and history side more than anything else. These temples are amazing and the green is so therapeutic !

  2. I’m gonna definitely stay tune for food recommendation! ahahahaha I was just last night eating sushi and saying that the main reason I would like to visit Japan would be to try their daily food. I’ve tried some hot snacks they serve with Sake, while living in New York, in a hidden, unknown Sake bar. They were great! Your blog’s title rocks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Those temples are stunning. I love all of the culture you have captured in your photos. I’d love to visit all of the temples and the Kyoto Tower!

  4. i dont think i would visit but my friend would totally love the International Manga Museum she would go crazy LOL…are you travelling alone ?

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