Korean Skin Care Routine for Summer

I have tried before some Purito products and here I am, trying a full Korean skincare routine from them for the summer! Last time I reviewed them, I tried their cleansing pads, two essences and a snail serum, all of them were great additions to my beauty stash. If you want to see my previous review, you can check it out – go on, I’ll wait for you 😉
Purito is a Korean Beauty brand founded in 2014. It claims that their products are made with pure and natural ingredients, thus the name “Purito”. They are not only trying to achieve having the best and safest ingredients in their products, but they are also caring for the environment. They simplified packaging made from recycled paper and they do not test on animals. Keep scrolling to see my mini-routine featuring Purito products!
korean skin care routine summer_purito
I have decided to do a full Korean skin care routine only with the centella green line, which has cleansing pads, toner, serum, face cream and eye cream. Pretty neat, no? Keep scrolling to find out if they are worth it!
korean skin care routine summer_purito_centella green
I have already reviewed the pads before but now I can offer complementary information. If you didn’t have time to check the old review, here’s a summary. The peeling pads from Purito are completely different from the Clearasil ones – they feel gentle on the skin and they smell way better, softer, and fresher. Last time I went for the pads in individual packages, perfect for travel. This time, I opted for the full size box.
The box comes equipped with a pair of small plastic tweezers so you can take a pad at a time, without contaminting with your skin. The pads are bumpy on one side and smooth on the other. The instructions say that with the bumpy side you should clean thoroughly, and with the smooth one, to wipe away the leftover product.
korean skin care routine summer_purito_centella green_mild pads
korean skin care routine summer_purito_mild pads closeupThey contain 10% Centella asiatica extract and BHA. I was very afraid of using them on my face as I thought they would be too drying, even for my T-zone. But I was surprised by how gentle they were everywhere on my skin. They left my entire face clean, exfoliated and not dry nor tight at all (not even my cheeks!). However, I am careful when it comes to those pads. Most of the days, I use them in the evenings, when I double cleanse. I would also sometimes use them in the mornings. So far, I haven’t seen any irritation and I have been using them for almost one month.
I generally love a toner that feels refreshing and exfoliating (something like the pixi toner), but this one is the opposite! Compared to other toners I used, it’s quite dense, like an essence, and feels very fresh and hydrating on the skin. It’s so hydrating that they say you can even layer it if your skin is dry.
After cleansing my face and neck (!) with the pads, I apply a moderate amount of toner on a classic cotton pad and then gently wipe it all over my face and neck. I sometimes remember/have time to apply one more layer, and this time I simply pour some on my palms and gently massage the face. I strongly recommend adding 2 layers, as it absorbs very quickly in to the skin! Every time I do that, my face feels plumper and softer.korean skin care routine summer_purito_toner
korean skin care routine summer_purito_toner_closeupThis water-based toner also contains 10% Centella asiatica extract, as well as hyaluronic acid and witch hazel, perfect for rough and dry skin. As soon as I get my hands on thin cotton pads, I will try to use it as DIY sheet mask and see how that goes! I have tried to layer it more than twice. This toner is so hydrating, that I don’t need to use an essence with this routine.
I remember the first time I reviewed Purito products, I was torn between this serum and the snail one. This serum also contains centella asiatica (49%!). The consistency is a bit dense than the one of the toner (obviously!, but the toner is dense than you usual toner, so yea…) and I usually apply 3 pumps to my face and skin, massaging circularly around my eyes and upwards on my neck. The serum also absorbs very quickly into the skin!korean skin care routine summer_purito_serum
korean skin care routine summer_purito_serum_closeup
Actually, this face cream is what I was looking forward to the most. I have been missing a normal moisturizer for a while – I always have a night cream, and my day cream is a hydrating SPF cream. I really enjoy slathering this cream on my skin, and so far I haven’t seen any bad side effects. It is very light and fresh, but very hydrating, and I usually apply more of it on my cheeks, forehead and neck. The more you apply, the more it takes fo absorb, but it will not feel sticky during of after absorbtion. Every time I apply it, I feel my skin soaking it up and getting plumped. The cream also contains centella asiatica (50%), as well as niacinamide (2%) – I love that the cream is not only hydrating, but also has whitening and anti-aging properties.korean skin care routine summer_purito_recovery cream
korean skin care routine summer_purito_recovery cream_closeup
The (almost) last step of the routine is the eye cream. After I apply the recovery cream, I gently pat the eye cream around my eyes and my eyelids. It feels the same as the face cream – light but hydrating. I always apply it in the morning and every other day in the evening (as I am alternating with another eye cream).
korean skin care routine summer_purito_eye cream
If you’re wondering about the very last step of the skincare routine, you should know by now that it’s the sunscreen! You guys, always always apply sunscreen, it’s one of the best things you can do for your skin!
My thought on the centella green line? Love it! If I ran out of the products, I would definitely repurchase them, though I would not have a full routine again. I love to try out new things and surprise my skin. The whole line smells fresh (green tea kind of fresh) and the products feel very light and nourishing. You could easily layer them quite quickly, as they absorb very fast. It’s hard to choose one must have from the line, but if I was going to choose one to always have it would be the recovery cream. In the morning, I mostly wash my face with plain water and then continue with the hydrating toner and the rest of the routine. But I could definitely skip to the recovery cream.
All their products are free from paraben, alcohol, and artificial colorants and fragrances. This whole line contains a high percentage of centella asiatica, which helps stimulate collagen, calm down inflamed skin and reduce pigmentation. However, even if they say it doesn’t contain damaging ingredients, you should stop using it if it makes your skin irritated, or on already irritated skin.
Which ones of these products would you go for? Would you give Purito a try?

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  1. Love this routine! In summers everybody needs such a great skincare regimen for excellent skin. I will follow this routine. Thanks for sharing.

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