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korean beauty purito

Purito is a Korean Beauty brand founded in 2014, but only recently I have seen it everywhere on Instagram and I am happy that I was contacted by eopenmarket to review some of their products. I went for four products – two full sized ones, and two as samples, so I can give them a try without having a too full beauty stash.

Purito claims that their products are made with pure and natural ingredients, thus the name “Purito”. They are not only trying to achieve having the best and safest ingredients in their products, but they are also caring for the environment. They simplified packaging made from recycled paper and they do not test on animals. Keep scrolling to see my mini-routine featuring Purito products!
korean beauty purito products

Centella Green Level All in One Mild Pads

Peeling pads are not new, as I currently have in my beauty stash some from Clearasil. I initially wanted to order a full pack of those, but having in mind the Clearasil ones, I was afraid of them being too harsh, and thus being a waste of space. But I still wanted to try them, so I went for several samples of those. I also thought they are great for travelling, so might order these again in the future.
korean beauty purito_centella mild padsSo when I was thinking of cleansing pads, I was thinking of pads that are rough on the skin, soaked in powerful liquid that smelt super artificial and felt drying. Oh how I was so wrong! As soon as I opened a sample, I was please to discover that the smell was not powerful, nor unpleasant. Upon proceeding to clean my face, I realised how soft they actually felt and how gentle they were cleansing and scrubbing my face. The Centella Green Level Mild Pads have two sides – one that looks more bumpy, meant to be used first to exfoliate the face, and one side to wipe the face of the leftover product. They contain 10% Centella asiatica extract and BHA. I was very afraid of using them on my face as I thought they would be too drying, even for my T-zone. But I was surprised by how gentle they were everywhere on my skin. They left my entire face clean, exfoliated and not try at all (not even my cheeks!). While I am happy that I got them as samples and had the opportunity to try them, I would definitely go for the full size!

Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence

This is an alternative essence to the fermented one from below. It contains 92 % galactomyces ferment filtrate and 5 % niacinimide. I was drawn to it because It helps to control sebum production and brighten the skin. It claims to be perfect for uneven skin tone, redness and acne scarring. I sometimes use it only on my oily areas (nose, forehead and chin) and the other essence on my cheeks.
korean beauty purito_galacto essence

Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence

What was actually missing from my routine was an essence. I have cleanser and toner and serums and creams, but not an essence. I needed a lightweight hydrating product that I can easily layer. It was difficult to those it as I was hesitating between the Fermented Complex Boosting Essence and the Galacto Niacin Power Essence. I checked my fellow bloggers reviews of Purito and they both were said to be ok for combination skin. In the end, I went for the fermented essence in full size and the other one as a collection of samples.
After cleansing my face and toning, I add a bit of essence in my palms (or on a cotton pad), and distribute it all over my face and neck. The advantage of such a lightweight essence is layering – they recommend adding up to 4 layers of the essence, depending on your skin type. I would sometimes add one layer all over the face, and one more on my cheeks, where skin is drier.
The essence includes various fermented ingredients and claims to balance the ph of the skin, brighten and fight against wrinkles. It also helps with making the skin more plump and and smooth, and prepares the skin to better absorb the next products in your skincare routine.
The inside of the package is full of information on not only the actual product and how to use, but also on the company’s philosophy. Great use of packaging, as most of the beauty product have additional instructions inside, thus wasting too much paper.
korean beauty purito_fermented essence package

korean beauty purito_fermented essence and snail serum

Snail Repair Advanced Serum

Ever since I heard of products that contain snail mucus, I have been eager to try them! The first time I tried such a product was a sheet mask and loved how smooth my face was. Needless to say, the Snail Repair Advanced Serum was the first thing I added into my basket. It says to contain 91% concentration of snail mucus, plus hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf. These products help not only against wrinkles, but they also help with brightening acne scars and maintain the hydration of the skin throughout the day. I have been using this products for more than 1 week. After cleanser, toner and essence, I take 2-3 drops of this snail serum and pat it all over my face and neck to absorb.

All their products are free from paraben, alcohol, and artificial colorants and fragrances. Even if they say it doesn’t contain damaging ingredients, you should stop using it if it makes your skin irritated, or on already irritated skin. On the same day I first started using the Purito products, I also tried a bunch of other things, plus micro-needling plus a cheek patch. Obviously, all that made my skin very irritated. After taking a break and healing my skin, I started to slowly re-add them to my routine and I have been having no issues. Always listen to your skin and do a patch test! From now on, I always try products on my nose (where I am oiliest) and a bit on one of the cheeks (where I am the driest and most sensitive). That way you can see if it produces any irritation, and if it works for your entire face. Having a combination skin in winter is not easy!
Which ones of these products would you go for? Would you give Purito a try?

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  1. I never really try Korean beauty, but I know I should because everyone raves about it! The pads look like a good fit for me, I love that they are individually sealed x

  2. These all sound like really interesting products, and I love the look of the packaging. I’ve heard really good things about snail beauty products, but I don’t know if I could do it personally!

  3. I love Korean beauty products and use them daily but not tried any of these before so thanks for expanding my Korean beauty products range

  4. I’ve heard a lot about the Korean products but haven’t used them yet. I’m looking forward to their masks as they look really interesting.

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