This weekend, my sister paid me a visit and I used this opportunity to get my hands on some KIKO products – she offered to pass by the KIKO shop in Brussels and this was a way to check them out faster than ordering online.
Initially, I filled my wishlist with almost half of the website, but then I settled for some nail polish, eye shadow and eyebrow filler.

KIKO haul

KIKO Candy Nails

I am obsessed with nail polish, so I settled for 3 from the candy nails collection: a white nail polish with grey microparticles and 2 glittery ones. When I checked the website, I thought that they would all be colored, but the glittery ones should actually be applied on top of a plain nail polish.

KIKO nail polishes close up

I love the white one because I always struggled with white nail polish – but because of those microparticles (same with glittery nail polishes), you can’t see the small imperfections. I applied it on Friday night and except chipping a bit (I forgot to apply a top coat), it still looks good. I heard great things about the KIKO nail polishes, and indeed, so far, I am really pleased.

KIKO frozen smoothies white


I have been slowly introducing eye shadow in my make up routine, but I feel like my palette has strange colours and I really wanted some khaki and red wine. After browsing their eye shadow collections (mono eye shadows cheaper than anywhere I have seen here in the shops) I decided for Pearly Forest Green  and Pearly Wine.

I find them not that pigmented when dry, but in some way I like it, because then I can pile it up and decide how intense it should be. I wore yesterday the khaki one (on top of Urban Decay primer) and for several hours, it stayed nicely. But when I got home after work (almost 9 hours of wear) it was all in the crease. I am still pleased because usually, after 1 hour my eye shadow creases. That is, I would advise applying a primer.

KIKO eye shadows

Last, but not least, the eyebrow marker. I have been wanting for some time to try and fill in my eyebrows, but I was not sure whether to use eye shadow, crayons, or mascaras. I find the marker quite nice and easy to use. I still have to wear it outside (so far I tried it at home as a test) and that is when I realised that it is important to make sure your eyebrows are perfectly done and symmetrical. I would not fill in my entire eyebrow but maybe in parts where I feel it’s kind of empty.

KIKO eye marker

Have you tried KIKO products? Let me knowwhat other things you would recommend – my makeup colllectino is never too small 🙂

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