How to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Losing weight is definitely one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Every holiday season, we are eating every 2 hours and are constantly full of delicious food. And every year we vouch that after this food coma is done, as soon as the new year comes through the door, we will magically be the best of ourselves. We will eat healthy, go to the gym, do that detox program and “get hot” when summer comes around to show off our abs. Unfortunately, this almost never happens, the 1st of January is like any other day, eating the delicious leftovers of last night’s party. Then the routine kicks in and we go back to our old habits.

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions!What is the problem with New Year’s resolutions?

Losing weight and becoming fit is not the only New Year’s resolution around, but certainly the most popular! Other popular New Year’s resolution are becoming more organised, enjoying life to the fullest, travel more (so many places to see!), read more (better finish that super long reading list on Goodreads, eh?), learn new hobbies (hello impossible to learn German!). These are all things we wish for in the year that comes. But as 100% of us promises to achieve all those beautiful goals, less than 10% of us actually achieve them . Is it because we set our goals and expectations too high compared to what we can actually achieve? Perhaps you are a person that takes their time in achieving a goal, or you are simply not accounting for life happenings coming your way in the next 12 months. You cannot simply say “I will lose 10 kg by summer!”. If you know your routine, the pace of your life, you might want to adjust your expectations and goals (you feel me? You get this, right). While it would be a great challenge to completely change your routine and basically your life, this would take time and it’s possible that you will achieve your resolutions partially or maybe the next year.How to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Change the approach

I believe that the best approach to this New Year’s resolutions thing is to not have fixed numbers or anything too concrete. Change the “I will lose 10 kg in the next 3 months” to “ I want to be healthier next year”, meaning perhaps you will make more and more healthier food choices, you will start slowly an exercise routine that fits your schedule and budget. This way you will feel more confident with every healthy meal you eat and every mile you run. Do not look at the scale too often, you know it doesn’t tell the truth (but you can still look at it because you can’t help it).
If you plan on learning a new skill or brushing up on your language skills, sign up for a class, best if you are doing it with a colleague or a friend. That way you are holding each other accountable! Again, don’t tell yourself “I’ll be fluent in German this year because I lived in German speaking countries for so long I am ashamed of myself”. Be more like “I will go to German class once per week and I will improve my speaking and writing skills because the impossible will be achieved at some point”.

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions!Keeping the New Year Resolutions

Ok, so now that you have vague, but at the same time very precise New Year’s resolutions (e.g. “losing weight” vs “getting healthier”), how do you start and keep it for the next 12 months, ideally for life? What works for me is less thinking. Yup, the more I overthink, the more sluggish I get and fall back to old eating habits. If I want to not overeat, I will tell my brain to make a green tea instead of eating a donut, so I will just leave it there. Let my body boil the water, add the tea then drink it. If I overthink, I will make a detour to the fridge and we all know I’ll be eating more than just a donut. Same with the language class (or even an online class) – add it to your calendar and simply stick to it. Do not overthink and be like – the weather is so cold or I prefer binge watching my favourite TV show – nop! Just move (or open that courser website), don’t think too much and that’s it! Once you’re in class, do your best to block out the noise that tells you to give up. Focus on the content and fall in love with it! You will feel so complete, so achieved afterwards, that you will be craving more. Same goes with exercise – I remember doing a HIIT on the bike at the gym. It was 15 minutes of pain and sweat. But just 15 minutes? I could do it. Not overthink about the actual activity minimized my hate for sports, and my body did the work.

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions!Find what works for you

Is it keeping a journal? Keeping to do lists? Telling yourself in the morning that “You can do this!”? Find what works for you and explore! For some people, is intense pep talking to ones self in the mirror, for some, it’s this disconnect between body and brain to avoid overthinking and falling back to old routines.

Struggling to keep your New Year's resolutions? Let's ind out together what stands in the way of becoming a better you! Check out these fool proof tips!

What are your New Year’s resolutions and how do you keep them?

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38 thoughts on “How to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

  1. I love your approach to New Years Resolutions, I’m definitely one who wants to get into shape! I’ve decided to write a list of musts every week including 2 days where I must exercise and hope I can keep to it. I think it’s the small steps and goals which have the bigger results for sure!

  2. First of Happy New Year beautiful and you look gorgeous in your velvet dress. I love how you have shown us another approach of keeping new year resolutions. Personally I have never made any. If I want to achieve something I just find ways to motivate myself to do them.

  3. I just don’t do New Years resolutions or any kind of plant at all, since i know that life just doesn’t work out like that. I can plan for something by next week, but something pop up the last minute and there goes it. So i take it day by day. easy peezy.

  4. I’m always one who starts the year setting resolutions and 9-10 times I don’t stick to them so this year I’m not setting any in the hope that because I’m not starting the year telling myself I must do this or that then I’ll naturally veer towards doing it x

    1. I used to tell myself every new year the same things and as the months passed by, I wouldn’t achieve any. I would like to indeed, let these changes happen organically 🙂

  5. I always try to make realistic resolutions & that’s what really makes me stock to them. Ones that aren’t too hard to achieve & needs something little every day 🙂
    Wonderful post!

  6. Eating healthy and add some exercise in my daily routine is on my list for the new year. I know i can’t change my everyday habits just in one day so i am going to make small steps, making my trip easier. Great post dear. Your outfit is gorgeous! Happy New Year and all the best!

  7. I agree that it’s about what works best for you. For me, broader resolutions like “I want to be healthier” have to be supported by goals that have tangibles attached like “I’ll have two smoothies a week.” It’s about breaking the resolution down into actionable steps, which is something I think most people don’t do. They set a massive goal to save $5000 in 6 months but don’t put a plan together that’s realistic and get overwhelmed. Have a great 2017 and good luck with your goals for the year.

    xx | A

  8. That velvet dress looks beautiful on you! You make an excellent point about not overthinking – so far in terms of my new years resolutions, I have been following a plan but honestly “going with the flow with it” opposed to mapping out my days and time. And don’t worry about German; it is so hard!

  9. Such good tips in this article! One of my 2017 was to be more grounded in the decisions and resolutions I take and I feel like there is a lot of inspiring advices in your post, so thanks for that! Happy new year! xx

  10. I definitely think it’s mind over matter. I like your approach. I am more focused than I’ve ever been and I’m ready to take on the new year.

  11. Losing weight is one of my top priorities this year, so thank you for these very helpful advises on how to keep the resolutions I made. What can I say, I really hope to be one of the 10 % that keep their resolutions. 🙂

  12. Hi. I kindly disagree 🙂 . One needs to set specific goals that can be measured/tracked, like milestones. Of course worrying over not quite achieving a goal is useless, but with vague “wants”, come vague results.

    1. I totally see your point! Perhaps “vague” was not the best word to describe it. What I meant was that, in my case at least, every time I set a very specific goal, I am overdoing it and am not realistic. So for example, instead of focusing on weight loss and hating my body, I would consciously pick healthier foods, block the voice in my head that makes me overeat and start loving myself more. 🙂

  13. My new years resolutions are more business related this year, and with my site and box up and running, I have already accomplished one…I keep at it by working at it…it is tough but you have to work to succeed.

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