An afternoon in Kampong Glam in Singapore

We actually visited Kampong Glam on the same day as Little India, due to those two neighbourhoods being extremely close to each other. It was such a hot day, and after walking for a couple of hours through Little India, I was feeling quite tired, so before venturing into Kampong Glam, we took a break at a café, where I had a cold Thai tea (oh how I miss it!). I cannot believe I took no photo of it (and I take tons of photos of lots of random things). You can actually spot the café in the photo below – it’s Kava, on the right side of the 7-eleven.

Sultan Mosque & Arab Street

Once you arrive in the area, the majestic Sultan Mosque takes over, with its golden domes. The mosque was built in 1824 for Sultan Hussein Shah, the first sultan of Singapore. It’s a must-see if you go to Singapore!

The first picture below is actually its back. We first entered by there, and soon after, I took my sandals off. Then had to walk around to the actual entrance (second picture), so in the meantime, I burnt my soles on the extra hot pavement (please be careful and don’t take your shoes too early like me). But as soon as we were in, we were greeted by cold floors and a majestic interior.

In front of the mosque, you will stumble unto the Arab Street, lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. Make sure to look in all directions and check out also the second floors of the buildings (check out the beautiful gold & blue architecture in the last picture!)

Haji Lane

As you wander around Kampong Glam, you will definitely stumble upon Haji Lane – a hotspot of cafés, restaurants and shops. Explore the shops, try out some iced coffee and just enjoy it! During the day, it was medium crowded with tourists, but I bet that it becomes more crowded – but also fun – in the evenings!

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