Japanese Beauty Haul

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Matsumoto Kiyoshi is the biggest drugstore in Japan. Think of it as a German DM or Rossmann on steroids. When I found them in Tokyo, they would often be on two levels absolutely packed of products. You would barely have space to move in the aisle.

When I was in Bangkok and went to the famous MBK Center, I absolutely freaked out when I saw a Mastumoto Kiyoshi. It was rather small and did not get that feeling of crowdedness, but it still had many must have Japanese beauty products.

I really had to replenish my stock of sheet mass, this was the perfect opportunity. Ordering sheet masks online is possible but shipping can take 2-3 weeks; then there’s shipping fees and sometimes, even customs fees. So when I saw the opportunity for bulk shopping of sheet masks, I took it!

Japanese beauty haul

Lululun sheet masks

The Lululun sheet masks as an absolute must! This time I went for types that I did not have before: Corn Hokkaido and Lavender Hokkaido. There are many more types of Lululun sheet masks, and I plan on ordering them online soon. I haven’t tried them yet, but if they are anything like the Lululun masks I had before, I am confident they will help my skin.

50 sheet masks

Ok, this pack of sheet masks is a monster pack! It’s a heavy bag full of masks and essence. I was difficult to choose this one, because the same brand was making these masks in “gold” and “silver”. They say the contain horse placenta, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Also they say that one sheet masks can replace the lotion, emulsion and serum, basically 3 steps of the skincare routine in one. While the sheet masks smell great and feel great, it is quite difficult to store them after opening the bag. Even if I carefully cut it at the top, and always store it so that the opening is upwards, it still somehow leaks. I don’t think I will purchase the same type of sheet masks in a bag, specifically because of this issue. For sheet masks in bulk, I recommend those that come in a box, like these Lululun ones.

Saborino sheet masks

These sheet masks simply attracted my attention because of the colorful practical package and the quantity of sheet masks. I had no idea about them, I just went with it. I did not even search them on Google to see what kind of shet masks they are. Only after I tried the first one and I felt my face super fresh that I google them. These sheet masks are actually pretty amazing! They are meant to clean, hydrate and prime. You put this 3-in-1 face mask for 1 minute in the morning and you are ready to go!

Quality 1st eye masks

I have never tried Quality 1st before. I was simply looking to buy a lot of eye masks for as little as possible per pair. Until now, I was getting eye masks from Primark, or DM, but that meant I had to have a million eye masks, individually wrapped; a lot of waste of packaging and taking up space. I was happy to have found this Quality 1st eye mask box, with 30 pairs of eye masks! What’s great is that they are always sitting in a pool of essence! They feel very soft on the skin, they smell great and leave the skin plump and smooth. I leave them on for about 30 minutes (until they get dry) and after I remove them, I massage the area to help the essence absorb.

Japanese beauty haul

Exfoliating socks

What is a Japanese beauty haul without exfoliating socks? If you haven’t heard of it yet, let me tell you that it is the best product you can get for your feet! I have already tried Baby Foot before and I was blown away. If you have thick skin on the soles of your feet, such exfoliating socks will remove al of it, revealing soft smooth baby skin! There are other Japanese and Korean brands that make similar exfoliating socks, so you can go on and give them a try!

DHC cleansing oil

The famous DHC cleansing oil has been on my list ever since I’ve been to Japan. I did not think to purchase it there, and I could not get my hands on one in Luxembourg. In the meantime, I have been using the Sephora cleansing oil, which is great. But I was aiming for the Holy Grail. A couple of months ago I saw it in ICI PARIS XL and after some thought, I purchased it last month. I was rather disappointed to pay quite a lot for the mini version (70 ml) But as I like to see the positive in everything, I take it as a chance to test it before committing to the 200 ml full size.

Compared to the Sephora oil, the DHC oil smells much better, is more dense, and thus feels less slippery/oily (if that makes sense?). It’s excellent in removing eye makeup and layers of foundation. Don’t forget to rinse it off with water and cleanse one more time with a foam!

Japanese beauty haul

Have you tried any of these products?

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