Irresistible summer shoes you need right now

Often we, fashion lovers, are faced with tons of fashion blogging content on our Facebook and Instagram feeds featuring all kind of beautiful shoes and clothing. It can get overwhelming just by checking out SO many gorgeous pieces we must have.
Weโ€™re all more or less following the same big bloggers that showcase so much content and so many different outfits. It can get difficult to boil it all down to a few key pieces from all the options we see.

The must have irresistible summer shoes

But fear not, for I am here to save you and help you get out of this avalanche of fashionable piece: just keep on scrolling and check out my must have summer shoes. I will show you what pairs of shoes are all you need for a fashionable summer.
So to help you get started on acquiring your must have shoes this summer, I have compiled for you my top 3 must have shoes that can go with anything and everything, from day to night! Check them out and I am sure you will find lots of inspiration and outfit ideas.

The Bold Heeled Sandal

If you have been looking for a bold heeled sandal that will be the star of your outfit, I bet this yellow frille beauty will conquer your heart! I bet that you can wear this with anything โ€“ jeans (from simple to ripped), skirts, dresses, shorts and the list goes on! These sandals are the perfect shoe for a sneakers.

irresistible summer shoes bold heeled sandals_

irresistible summer shoes bold heeled sandals

The Embroidered Sandal

This one is a bit more casual. It definitely is very versatile too but the block heel and the platform make is less elegant compared to the stiletto sandal from before. I would wear it with high waist, light blue, ripped and cuffed jeans, and a simple black tank top. Let that gorgeous embroidery do the talking (and the walking ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

irresistible summer shoes embroidered sandals_irresistible summer shoes embroidered sandals

The statement sneaker

Am I the only one lately obsessed with white sneakers? I have already two pairs: sneakers and this embroidered beauty . Because they are such an attention seeking piece, they go so well with a simple outfit. I prefer to pair them with my favourite jeans, a simple tee and an embroidered bomber. Loving the embroidery vibes !

irresistible summer shoes_embroidered sneakers

irresistible summer shoes embroidered sneakers_I hope that I helped you decide on what irresistible summer shoes you should pick on your next shopping spree! What is your favourite shoes? Do you have other favourites that were not on the list?


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