Inspiring Influencers to Follow (Part 2)

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I have decided that “Inspiring Influencers” will be a regular blog post series, a place where I showcase my favorite influencers (mainly from Instagram). They are smart, ambitious, hard-working, strong women that I admire. This time, I have a combination of US & Europe-based influencers and in the future posts, I will try to feature influencers from other parts of the world! Without further ado, I present you this week’s inspiring influencers, ladies that I have been following for a while and love to see how hard they are working towards their dreams

Mary has to be one of my favorite fashion bloggers! I love her ecclectic style, and especially her colourful combinations of patterns!

A post shared by Mary Gui (@layersofchicblog) on

A post shared by Mary Gui (@layersofchicblog) on

Cindy is a Belgian blogger with flawless style and an insane amount of ambition! Aside from her full time work as a blogger, she has also just launched her social media management company, stroow.
Katya is a NYC-based blogger with the most gorgeous pair of eyes! On top of being a student, she is putting a lot of work into having such amazing & high quality blog! I am particularly loving her skincare & makeup posts – in case you haven’t heard of it, check out her #365maskschallenge on Instagram! Every day, she is testing a new mask and posts about it on her Instagram Stories. Make sure to check out the archives on her blog for more mask inspiration!
Ruxandra is a Brussels-based blogger, whose blog I have been following for a while and I thoroughly enjoy seeing her take on fashion trends. I would describe her style as timeless and truly unique and creative.

A post shared by ♥ RUX ♥ (@ruxandraioana) on

A post shared by ♥ RUX ♥ (@ruxandraioana) on

I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s inspiring influencers and have given these inspiring influencers a follow!

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