How to transition into autumn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The weather during the summer here in Luxembourg hasn’t always been super warm and sunny. While I enjoyed a not so hot summer, I wish it lasted longer so I can get to wear all my clothes and sandals. But I am also really looking forward to autumnal vibes – fresh air, hot drinks, getting to wear my cosy sweaters and awesome collection of boots. I hope I can still find ways to mix and match my summer faves with my winter faves – because layering is all that autumn is about.

It feels like yesterday I was packing all my boots, sweaters and coats to store them away, while I was eagerly unpacking and rediscovering my flats and sandals. Even if summer was way too short, I am looking forward to getting cosy, drink PSL and let myself be inundated by dark cheery, beige and khaki vibes. It’s time to take out the red lippies, dye my hair dark red and paint my nails in deep purples.

Four ways to transition into autumn

We are already heading into mid-September, so it seems appropriate to slowly transition from light summery clothes to heavier autumnal ones.


As I already mentioned before, I am in love with red and its rich shades, from makeup to clothing. It’s such a classic and versatile colour that suits everybody.


You know how I LOVE sweater weather and my knitwear. From turtlenecks and lose sweaters to cosy cardigans. I love layering them and letting myself lost in the comfiness of the knit. I am currently looking forward to including embroidered sweaters, knits with laced-up details and combos with knit and lace. Knits are pieces that I want to have in every color and pattern possible. They can be the stars of the outfit and having statement knits allows for easy quick outfits.

Jackets & coats

Jackets it where I am not going totally crazy, but I can always stock up on bombers and faux leather jackets. I already have a black leather jacket and an embroidered bomber. While these are great pieces to start with, I am also looking to add white and a pink leather jackets and a ton of bombers (I am just obsessed with them). Let’s also not forget about a good classy beige trench coat!


Oh boy, here is where I am completely LOSING IT! Last autumn season I had to have every possible boots – metallic, velvet, over the knee, embroidered, statement heel. And this year I am continuing with this; boots, just like sweaters, can do wonders to a plain outfit and elevate it. Feeling lazy and going for jeans and shirt? A good pair of killer boots will make you look and feel badass and ready for the day, and definitely help you transition into autumn.

What are your favorite pieces that help you transition into autumn? Any trends that you are eager to try and incorporate in your wardrobe?[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3963″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

7 thoughts on “How to transition into autumn

  1. As much as a I hate to say goodbye to summer and embrace the darker evenings and the colder weather, I am excited to check out all the autumn wear in the shops. You have shared a great selection.

  2. Boots are definitely my favourite way to transition into Autumn. I’ve also been loving red lately so I got myself a pair of red sock boots – The best of both!

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