How to stay positive

We all have our ups and downs, but that is part of life! Check out my tips on how you can improve your mood and stay positive!

We all have our ups and downs and we all wake up on some mornings just not feeling it, you know? It is hard to stay positive wheny ou feel like everything is going down and there’s nothing you can do. You are so tempted to hit snooze on that annoying alarm and sleep through the day. What’s one day lost to sleep when you have your whole life in front of you? Wrong thinking! This day spent like this can multiply and influences the days when you body seems to work but your mind is all negative.
I myself do not wake up every day like it’s all smiles and sunshine. But I push through, hack my mind and force myself to be happy. Because eventually, I will actually be and stay more positive.

We all have our ups and downs, but that is part of life! Check out my tips on how you can improve your mood and stay positive!Good night’s sleep

This is crucial to having a more positive mindset. It all depends o how you feel when you wake up (at least for me) and it starts the night before! Getting proper rest will give you a clear and rested mind the next day and will make you see things clearly, without being exhausted. In my case, I try to go to bed between 11pm and midnight. If I go to bed or fall asleep after midnight, I can guarantee I will not have enough sleep.

Morning routine

For me, it’s important to look forward to something for the next day. Have a morning routine that you love taking your time doing and is full of little things you love. For me, it’s showering, putting on a cosy bathrobe, and calmly sip the first coffee of the day. I do wake up earlier for this, but it’s so refreshing! In the morning, everything is peaceful and quiet. Perfect to wake up your mind, body and soul

Eat good food

It’s important to eat well and nutritious! Focus on making healthy choices and your body and mind will be grateful. You will feel lighter and more energized. However, while eating healthy is my goal for this year, we all have moments when we just go for a burger or devour an entire bar of chocolate. It’s ok as long as you acknowledge that you are a human and stay focused on being healthy. Allowing yourself small pleasures – like junk food in my case – from time to time, keeps you sane and does not feel like you are restricting yourself. While junk food may not be the best for your body, it’s great for your mind and soul.

Keep yourself busy

To keep your mind of negative things, make sure you have a to do list. While you drink your morning coffee, write down what you have to do for the day. If you have no ideas, you can sort your clothes, make a recipe plan for the day and buy the groceries, sort through your makeup , read a good book and the list can go on! if you really want to do nothing, at least watch funny TV shows or movies, that will definitely brighten up your mood.

We all have our ups and downs, but that is part of life! Check out my tips on how you can improve your mood and stay positive!

Don’t compare yourself to others

What you have to do is to STOP scrolling through blogs, Facebook and Instagram. You will definitely find people having their best holidays, or their best achievements. This will make you feel like you achieved nothing. If you’re doing this right now, stop it. Don’t let others define you and bring you down. Just close it and to back to keeping yourself busy ☺

Think twice before complaining

Before complaining to others about how life is so horrible, think twice. Look closely at the issues you have and you might be surprised that some of those issues might be easily solvable.

We all have our ups and downs, but that is part of life! Check out my tips on how you can improve your mood and stay positive!
I am not always a positive person, but those are my tips on improving and staying more positive. What are your top ideas on how to stay positive?

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9 thoughts on “How to stay positive

  1. I agree, we all have ups and downs. Some days are good while some are not so good. I especially feel bad when I’m having my period as it’s really annoying and painful. Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Great post. I know for me if I’m getting enough sleep and eating well .. I have a far better outlook on life!

  3. I write a lot about positive thinking and maintaining postive energy and people in your life. One thing I would have added to this is speaking positive affirmations to yourself. I find myself needing to do that often times on tue way to work. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. I so needed this right now! I completely agree with complaining. I think twice now, and it keeps me happier and on a more positive track. Everyone complains of course, but when you complain all the time, you can really get on a negative course. All your tips are awesome!

  5. So true! I am always comparing myself to others. but im learning to do it less and less and feeling more happy with who I am x

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