How to recharge your creativity

Do you ever find yourself in front of an open Word doc and there is nothing that comes to your mind? Do you ever have this great pair of boots but you have no inspiration how to style them? Or lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling and feeling like you cannot possibly come up with new ideas? But then you’re also thinking that it’s simply not possible – you always had great creative ideas all the time. What happened now?
Well, I would say that life happens and there’s no need to feel negative about this. It’s part of the process and I have some tips for you to recharge your creativity!

Do you feel stuck? Like you cannot createe anything awesome? Then these 5 tips on how to recharge your creativity are for you!Learn something new

If you don’t feel like writing a new blog post, maybe you can improve some other skills. Check out Coursera and their social media courses or a graphic design course. It will get you excited and every time I am super looking forward to doing something, my brain starts to flood me with ideas. Try it out!

Do you feel stuck? Like you cannot createe anything awesome? Then these 5 tips on how to recharge your creativity are for you!Just relax

You cannot work 24/7. You are human and you need mental and physical breaks. Order some pizza and binge watch your favorite TV show for the night. Put on a sheet mask and a candle too. All of this wil relax your brain and who knows – maybe you will come up with new blog post topics while you watch!

Do you feel stuck? Like you cannot createe anything awesome? Then these 5 tips on how to recharge your creativity are for you!

Dress from Newchic / Metallic boots from Newchic


This is major! It doesn’t have to be an exotic vacation in Bali or trekking in Nepal. It can just be a day trip to a nearby city or a beautiful village. It can be a weekend in a hostel in the middle of nowhere with a breathtaking view of never ending forest. It can be anything within a 30 min by car/train radius, trust me! There are countless possibilities even in a small country as Luxembourg where many claim it’s rather boring.


I know you would rather spend your evenings doing the relaxation part with pizza, ice cream and TV shows. But thin how much more awesome you will feel after stretching some limbs and doing some balance poses! I love yoga because you can choose it’s intensity and even the basic poses are great to increase your heart beat. You just have to switch up for a moment from your TV show to a YouTube video and get on the floor. If you have a carpet, there’s no need for a mat – no need for any special equipment or clothing either. I know you’re wearing your comfiest t-shirt & sweats, so get doing some yoga! Will freshen up your mind, body & soul!

Read books

I find reading book so important for bloggers. It gives you ideas, it enriches your vocabulary and it definitely get the creative juices flowing. Improving your vocabulary and seeing new phrase constructions will improve your blog post writing and that’s exactly what we want no? Make an account on Goodreads! It’s great for suggesting new books – I always input a book I loved reading and that way I find many similar ones.

Do you feel stuck? Like you cannot create anything awesome? Then these 5 tips on how to recharge your creativity are for you!

So these are my top tips on how to recharge your creativity. To be honest, my favourite one is the relaxing and making online wishlists, but that’s lazy me. What are your top tips on recharging your creativity?

Spring Wishlist


Cross-body bag with snakeskin pattern / Floral blouse / Embroidered Shirt / White sneakers /

Pink Turtleneck  / Suede laced up skirt

2 thoughts on “How to recharge your creativity

  1. **sigh** I wish I could travel the way you described! It’s a bit harder in the states, unfortunately. There’s lots of great and beautiful places to go, but day trips are sometimes difficult.
    Reading (especially fiction) and watching quality movies are big owes for me.
    Also! Doing a different kind of artistic expression. Whether it’s just a dinky crayon doodle or cooking an interesting meal, doing something creative in another, simpler medium usually helps me write better as well.

  2. Love these ideas! There are so many more as well. I’ve done a lot of learning in the last couple of months with starting my own blog on self care. I’ve also started taking a class this month on something new to me. It was offered as an adult education class at a high school in my area. Learning new things can come from hobbies as well such as taking a painting class, hiking in the woods and observing nature, or even visiting a museum.

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