How to plan your summer holiday wardrobe

Being a frequent traveller, my packing skills are always being challenged. I honestly prefer to pack summer holiday wardrobes because the clothes are lighter and take less space. Compared to fluffy sweater and boots that make the suitcase look SO small.

Don’t forget your bikini

Summer is coming so make sure to pack your bikini! It happened more than once for me not to pack my bikini or pack just one piece of the set. So I had to go buy a new one. Make sure you pack at least one no matter what. Even if the beach is not part of your trip, you may never know when you stumble upon a beach or a pool! Check out these cute bikinis and swimsuits!

Packing vacuum bags

I discovered the vacuum bags used for packing in Japan. I realized it’s a great way to save space and keep the clothes in place in the suitcase. Especially when it comes to tops that get easily wrinkled, the vacuum bags can keep them neat. I use vacuum bags every season and they especially help with fluffy sweaters and towels.

how to plan your summer holiday wardrobe

Planing your holiday wardrobe does not have to be a burden

Summer outfits

Summer means light and comfortable clothes and breathable materials (cotton, linen). I usually go for shorts (at least 2 jean shorts), cotton shirts, cute tank tops, cami tops, maxi dresses and sandals. Trust me, during the 2 weeks spent last year in Italy, I could not wear anything like long jeans, sneakers and long sleeves. As soon as I went out in the scorching sun, I would start sweating and wearing jeans is so not the way to go.

how to plan your holiday wardrobe

Summer beauty

I always pack my beauty essentials (skincare, bb cream, mascara, concealer, 10 lipsticks, powder etc) but as soon as you get into that hot weather and sun, you will realize you will not stand wearing any makeup! At the beginning of the holiday, I would start putting regular makeup, until I realized that I would sweat all of it off. So after a couple of days, I would ditch makeup (except waterproof mascara and some lipstick). One more reason is that my sin is getting more tanned from the sun and the BB cream would not match, so yea…. . So, when it comes to summer beauty, keep it simple: face scrub, face cream with SPF 50, waterproof mascara and a tinted lip balm.

Boho Blouse Outfit_Sammydress_4Sun protection

VERY important! Don’t forget your sunscreen (SPF 50 for the face and SPF 30 for the body) to be applied regularly  throughout the day, and sunglasses. In Italy, it was so damn sunny, that I had to wear my sunnies most of the time – otherwise I would be all squinty in my photos. Check out these badass adorable sunglasses!

What are your packing tips for planning your holiday wardrobe? Worried you might miss something crucial? Check out my (almost) comprehensive list of what you might need to pack, regardless of season 😉 All you have is subscribe below and you will get it in your inbox! Just print it and keep it next to you while you pack, ticking boxes as you go. You can print it several times, if you like to double check everything one more time before leaving.

Ready to leave for your holiday and anxious about what to pack? Check out my top tips on how to plan your summer holiday wardrobe plus a handy checklist!

6 thoughts on “How to plan your summer holiday wardrobe

  1. Sun protection is so key! It’s something I can’t afford to overlook with my pale complexion and sensitive skin. And if I overlook that aspect of my packing and daily routine, it definitely ruins the fun. Great packing suggestions and fun travel photos! Thanks for sharing!


  2. My husband was looking into getting the vacuum bags! I will get on board with it as well! They sound perfect for long vacations:)

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