I Have a Thing for High Waist Skirts

Being a rather short human being, I have to try and elongate my silhouette through choosing appropriate clothing. While when I was younger I would hate anything with a high waist, I am not obsessed with high waist skirts (and dresses). I love how they make me look a bit taller and how they go so well with heels!

High Waist Skirts Obsession

high waist skirtThis is outfit is no different! Same classic combination of high waist skirt with a simple top and heels. But let’s talk a bit about this beautiful dress with painted pattern! It looks like a work of art. The material is shiny and rather stiff so this can make a rather pompous outfit for work, but perfect for a special occasion or going out for a fancy diner! I could have gone for black heels to let the skirt be the star of the outfit, but as soon as I put the blue heels on I knew they were matching perfectly!

high waist skirt What do you think of the skirt? Would you wear it on an everyday basis or keep it for super special occasions?

high waist skirtSkirt from Romwe / Top from Bershka / Similar heels here, here and here

High waist skirts are extremely flattering for everybody! Snatch yours to complete your fall outfit and check out how to style a painted high waist skirt!

36 thoughts on “I Have a Thing for High Waist Skirts

  1. I also have a thing for hight waisted skirts! I love the colours on this one and I really like how it’s a bit longer than most of the skirts I see.

  2. What a lovely outfit, the skirt is gorgeous! I wouldn’t wear it for everyday wear but would likely wear it for a night out. The blue shoes sets it off really well.

  3. It’s not something I would personally wear but it is beautiful and does suit you. I’ve recently gotten into high-waisted items although I’m having a hard time pulling them off 🙁

  4. I love wearing high waisted skirts. But my butt is a little huge and the skirt feels too short when I wear one. However, I have bought myself a new midi skirt like what you are wearing in your photo. Hopefully, it won’t make me look like a granny. Lol.

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