How to have the confidence to wear whatever you want

Ever since I have been dying my hair in flashy colors, I have been getting feedback both around the line of ‘wow, you look great’ and ‘I wish I had the courage to do that!’. I have been pondering on dyeing my hair in purple or pink for a VERY long time (aka several years), but always put it off because either lack of money to keep it up, or worried about what my professors and other people might say or think about me. Even after I finished my studies and had a job that allowed me to afford this crazy hair routine, I was still worried about my work environment and what colleagues would say. After double checking that there was no HR issue, it was time to deal with myself and stop worrying about what others might think.

How to have the confidence to wear whatever you want

Get the confidence to wear whatever you want

This hair dyeing and wearing whatever your want goes hand in hand. If you truly want to wear something or make a change to your body, first jot down on a piece of paper and think ‘why’ you are not doing it. If it is money, then look for cheaper alternatives, or change the way you budget. If it is work related, gather some courage and officially ask if this is an issue or any rules and guidelines. If this works, then the world is your oyster ☺

How to have the confidence to wear whatever you want Same goes with clothes – it you feel like dressing with super high heels or a cute polka dotted vintage dress, try them once and see how you feel. If you feel great, then the problem is solved, really. Most people can either have body confidence issues or afraid to break the norm and attract too much attention. You end up being a boring version of yourself and that is a shame, isn’t it? I do not like to attract attention, but at the same time, my hair and the way I dress does that. Makes me slightly uncomfortable, but at least I am being true to myself.

But the journey to being self confident and true to oneself is a long and tedious one that I am still on right now. If you look my very first outfit posts, I look camera shy, with very awkward positions (even now, but I hope less). If you look at my best outfit shots, you might think that I am a self confident person and all, but no. Even if I aim to always be on point, sometimes I just have days where I fail and simply go for leggings and a sweatshirt. Some better days I force myself to go for a cute dress and boots, because I know those will make me feel better. Even if I look put together that doesn’t mean my mood is, you feel me? Everyone has moments where they don’t feel at their best but can look like they are.

How to have the confidence to wear whatever you wantNow that we went over the self confidence issue, let’s tackle the ‘what other people think’. Now, if the only obstacle to your happiness is this, then you will never be happy. You cannot control what others think and no matter what you wear, there will be at least one person silently judging you. Even if you wear the lamest outfit, I guarantee that someone somewhere will be like ‘why is she dressing like THAT?’.

If you’re going to work in an unusual outfit, sure – your colleagues might make some comments, but the next day they will forget about it. They do have better things to do than think of what a random colleague wore the other day. The most you think about this, the more you realized YOU are doing it too, silently judging in your mind what others wear.

People insulting you because of what you wear can be very rare, and plus, what are the chances of ever seeing them again? Over thinking what strangers in the street might think of your outfit is not helping you. Anyway, the others are thinking the same – so as we are all busy thinking what others think about us, might as well wear whatever we want, no?

How to have the confidence to wear whatever you want
Life is short and if you want to wear cute dresses and heels all the time – do it! If you are too scared to wear the things you love, life is passing you by you wearing boring clothes. Think of the times you took a risk and wore a great outfit – did anything happen? Pretty sure not! So why not give it another chance? You will look back thinking ‘Damn, I looked great in that dress. So happy I did not go for jeans!’

What are your tips on having more confidence to wear whatever you want?Ever wanted to have confidence to wear whatever you want? Check out these tips that will boost your confidence and help you achieve happiness!

Choker Sweater from Dresslily / Velvet bag from Dresslily

21 thoughts on “How to have the confidence to wear whatever you want

  1. I have to say that I love all your fashion posts and look forward to them and love the hot pink hair! I admire your style and free spirit that comes through in all your pictures where I don’t see awkwardness at all, I see you evolving in each post. This was another enjoyable read – great job!

  2. I love your post!! You are right we should bot worry about what others may think or say about how we dress or dyed our hair. It should be how we feel doing it! Dress for your self not for others.

  3. I so love this! I do wear whatever I want: I basically live in jeans and a t-shirt and people tell me to dress up and such. I’m all, “No! I’m comfy in this, thanks!” You look fantastic, and I love your hair.

  4. You are rocking that colour! I actually dyed my hair pink once as well and it was amazing how different people’s attitudes were to me! I actually found people respected me and listened to me more. Go figure!

  5. I’m loving that color!! And you look very confident to me! So if you are feeling yourself honey, i’m loving it! 🙂

  6. I love your hair color and I really like the style of yours. Be different, be you! I love the message of this post. Yes, you are right. Understanding yourself and being confident is a long journey, but it’s worth it.

  7. This is a very inspiring post and I think it has a very important message! I think you look great in your photos and I don’t just mean your clothes, I mean your poses as well! Not awkward in the slightest in my opinion!

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