How to spend half day in Cavtat near Dubrovnik

Spending half day in Cavtat near Dubrovnik is a great way to explore the region. It doesn’t take long to get to this quaint little village! You can get there either by bus no 10 from Dubrovnik to Cavtat (that you can catch at the cable car station in the Dubrovnik city centre)  or by boat from Dubrovnik to Cavtat (that you can catch at the Dubrovnik Old Town harbor, but it takes around 1h as it stops in other places on the way). Once you arrive there, you can get started to explore this lovely little village by the sea. Check out to see what you can do in Cavtat in a few hours!

What to do for half day in Cavtat

Walk around and get lost

Walk along the water and just look at the beauty of the small harbor, the palm trees, the lovely buildings. Have a coffee and an ice cream at one of the many cafés and relax. Take some time to go up the stairs and explore the small narrow streets filled with beautiful trees . This was a great opportunity for me to take lots of photos – very photogenic location and no people around.

The House of Vlaho Buhovac

Not far from the harbor is the The House of Vlaho Bukovac, famous Croatian painter. The house used to be childhood home of the artist that was transformed into a museum. The museum is charming but eerie at the same time, with creaking doors and stairs, beautifully painted walls and a lovely garden all around it. When I went there, I was the only visitor and had the house all to myself. The museum offers free wifi and with that, you can access an audio guide that will tell you more about the artist, his art and his life.

Racic Family Mausoleum

Another sight in Cavtat is the Racic Family Mausoleum. Racic family was a famous shipbuilding family from Cavtat. The mausoleum is in the cemetery of St Rocco, and to get there, it’s quite walk up the hill. But the views at sunset are simply magical. Again, I was all alone up there so I had the opportunity to take some lovely shots with views of Cavtat.

I actually went to Cavtat twice during my time in Dubrovnik. However, the first time it started raining heavily (I couldn’t walk to the mausoleum) and I realised too late that I could visit the House of Vlaho Buhovac. I am super happy that I managed to go there a second time, just on my last day in Dubrovnik. Have you ever been to Cavtat? Would you spend half day in Cavtat if you ever visit Dubrovnik?

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