Grey Obsession

Grey is becoming more and more my favourite colour. Without realising I am starting to prefer it more and more – I got a dress, a sweater and sweatpants, all in light grey, in the past month and now I’m rocking matte grey nail polish. It’s just that it has such an elegant simplicity but casualness at the same time. I mostly think of it as a cozy colour, probably because all the grey clothes I have have a cozy feel. One of the pieces is my ‘Chill’ sweater from Forever21, which is currently favourite. it is very comfortable and I love the colour combination, it was love at first sight. It is also versatile, as you can wear it with sweat pants and trainers or a short skirt and boots. It’s the kind of piece that you can get away with no matter what (don’t wear it at an interview, though…)
Grey fashion inspiration

For further shopping inspiration for me and you, I have compiled some pieces that could nicely complement this winter weather.

Grey Obsession

What is your latest colour obsession?

10 thoughts on “Grey Obsession

  1. Grey will always be my favorite I’m slowly getting into maroon/burgundy Love your options and that lace bra will be a great vday gift great options

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