Wearing a Flattering High Waist Dress is the Best

You know how much I love dresses and how I find them the perfect lazy outfit that gives you the maximum effect? How about this flattering high waist dress? All I had to do was pair with heels so I don’t looks like I’m getting lost in it. and done This dress has gathered many compliments because of its beautiful floral pattern. Also, many people were surprised that it was an actual dress and not a top + skirt combo.

Flattering High Waist Dress

As I am not the tallest person, I came to love high waist skirts. I find them super flattering, elongating my silhouette and when paired with heels, I look instantly on point.

elegant high waisted dress 2

elegant high waisted dress

Have you tried one of those fake top + skirt dresses? I totally recommend having a couple of those flattering high waist dresses for morning where you have no energy. If you’re a petite like me, just don’t forget to add heels!

elegant high waister dress_bracelets

Dress from Dresslily / Bracelets from Dresslily (here and here) / Tights from Calzedonia / Heels from Deichmann

Are you into easy outfits for lazy mornings? Check out why wearing a flattering high waist dress is the best for your figure!

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