Fenty Beauty Review

fenty beauty review

Ever since the launch of Fenty Beauty I gave been eyeing their products! I am a lipstick girl, so it was only natural that I would give in. My excuse is that, as a beauty blogger, it is my duty to review products for my readers.

Fenty Beauty Review

Stunna Lip Paint

First impressions : very beautiful and innovative design, the colour is a very bright pigmented red that can suit anybody; however, the lip applicator is rather unusual and made the first try quite challenging. After several uses, I came to get used to the applicator, but it is still feels steange compared to the doe foot ones.

After reading some reviews, I was relieved to see that I was not the only one finding it strange. The strange shape makes if difficult to have a clean line, even after using a lip liner. It takes some training to have a perfect red lip with the Stunna Lip Paint.

Fenty Beauty - Stunna Lip Paint

The consistency is very creamy and doesn’t dry the lips out. Remember to apply lip balm first anyway. However, I gind it a bit too watery compared to other liquid lipsticks. This makes it easy to transfer on your teeth. It also transfers on cups and don’t even think of accidentally touching your lips. I would say that as long as you don’t eat anything too oily, the lipstick should survive a few hours.

I would probably not repurchase because of the applicator & how challenging it is to apply.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Before I tried it on in my local Sephora, I read everywhere how the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb is do flattering for everybody. It sounded like the Holy Grail of lip glosses and from the photos online, I was expecting a shinier, kind of holographic look.

First impressions: on my first try, when swatched on my hand, it looked lovely – shiny, a bit glittery. But when applied on my lips, it looked like basic gloss. Even the flattering lighting in Sephora made it look average.

Fenty Beauty - Gloss Bomb

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I go into another Sephora and simply buy it. I simply love the packaging and I live how the gloss feels. It is very creamy, very easy to apply( compared to the Stunna Lip Paint), keep the lips hydrated, smells great and gives your look a subtle sheen. As any lip gloss, the downside is the stickiness – every time there’s a little bit of wind, my fine strands of hair get stuck on my lips.

I would probably not repurchase because I do not see it as a staple in my make-up bag.

Even if I would not repurchase them, I do recommend trying then out if you are curious. Both Fenty Beauty lip products look gorgeous and love their creamy consistencies. If you are willing to overlook the cons, then why not?

Get your Fenty Beauty!

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