Feminine Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Whether it’s pants, boyfriend blazers or three-piece suits, women enjoy borrowing masculine silhouettes. Nowadays, leather jacket and other pieces of clothing, that would be traditionally menswear, are influencing women’s fashion more and more. From Coco Chanel dressing in her boyfriend’s suits in the early 20th century to Yves Saint Laurent creating a line of dinner jackets with trousers for women in the 1960s.

Feminine Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Suits and pants are very much part of the norm in women’s wear, but one of the most common examples of borrowed fashion today (other than button-down shirts) is the boyfriend jean, according to Chelsea Bell, fashion media professor at the Southern Methodist University. With the impending demise of the skinny jean craze, cropped, distressed denim has never been so popular.

But while all the different styles of jeans that have been showcased on Lyst make us want to add to our wardrobe and try out new styles, what makes the boyfriend cut more attractive than the rest? Much like a biker jacket or moto boots, the boyfriend jeans gives a tomboyish vibe that may not fit everyone’s personal style. Contrary to popular belief, there are more options with these pants beyond the androgynous look. Not only are these jeans the most comfortable pair in your wardrobe, but they are also quite versatile in the way that they can be paired with the most feminine of tops.

So give your skinnies a rest, and try out some new combinations using your boyfriend jeans :

With a crop top and heels

The high waisted cut of the pants makes it a perfect excuse for a crop top. Tastefully show off some skin with a cropped tank and pair it with simple sandals. The midriff and heels are a nice contrast from the baggy bottoms that prevent the ensemble from appearing too sexy.

With the off-the-shoulder trend

The off-the-shoulder trend has been in high demand trend for the past several seasons and now a wardrobe staple; try wearing a delicate, off-the-shoulder top with your jeans, tucking the blouse in to highlight your curves and match the femininity of the “sleeves.” If the off-the-shoulder top is too annoying for you, any cold shoulder top should do the trick!

With a bowtie blouse

If you’re not a fan of tucking in shirts, a button-down with a bow is something you can definitely pull off! While both are menswear-inspired pieces, the little bow adds a flirty touch to the whole outfit.

What do you think of the boyfriend jeans? How would you style them?

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23 thoughts on “Feminine Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

  1. If there are boyfriend jeans for girls why are there not girlfriend jeans for men? Maybe skinny jeans for men could be “it” ?

  2. Absolutely perfect! This is the style my boyfriend like me to wear, coz I could easily mix and match it with my other clothing, hence saves money for shopping!

  3. I love all of these trends but my favorite one is the off the shoulder top! Boyfriend jeans are very cool to wear but I’m afraid they don’t suit me because I’m petite and they make me look fat.

  4. I want to wear boyfriend jeans so badly but I am convinced that they won’t look good on me. Maybe one day I’ll get over my insecurities and try them out!

  5. Loving how these jeans have been styled! I don’t actually own jeans – I am a super girly girl but these look so feminine and pretty

  6. What great suggestions. I love BF jeans because they are forgiving and comfy while still very cute. I would probably go for the second look. Very nice post. Thank you.

  7. I always have some trouble with boyfriend jeans. So I decided to read your article. Because I never know how to combine it. This gives me some inspiration to try it out. I still have a boyfriend jeans somewhere..

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