Fashion Blogger Tee

When I walked into H&M (*ahem* kids section) and I saw this fashion blogger tee I knew I had to have it. Why don’t grown ups get cool stuff? I love white tees, especially in summer – when my skin gets a bit darker. I love to wear them with jeans, short and high waisted pencil skirts. I am 100% sure I will pair this fashion blogger tee with my black skirt and stilettos – an outfit perfect for a night out.

Fashion Blogger Tee

fashion blogger tee

Here I paired it with my favourite blue jeansΒ  – best investment ever, as I purchased them on sale for 7E and still look great 2 years later. My favourite beaded bag and laced up flatsΒ  (which I should totally have in red and animal print) complete the outfit.

fashion blogger tee

Fashion blogger is such a loosely used term these days; it goes on a spectrum from pure hobby to being a full time profession. It is a rather fluid concept; and still to be considered a proper job by the majority of the world. People could see me wear it and think that I am wearing a quirky tee but not actually think that I am a fashion blogger; for them, it bears no meaning, like the “celfie” tees. But for me, it is a consuming hobby, a passion I invest time in, spending hours on the blog and the social media, interacting and engaging with fellow bloggers. How do you feel about fashion blogging?

Tshirt from H&M / Jean from Jennyfer / Flats from Pimkie / Bag from Primark


19 thoughts on “Fashion Blogger Tee

  1. I’m pretty sure we’re all unanimous that the tee should be available in the adult section!
    Blogging amazes me – it’s so widely known yet there are still so many people who don’t quite ‘get’ or understand blogging! xo

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