My Favourite Fall/Winter 2019 trends

Technically, it’s still summer, right? We still have 2 weeks left of August, but when we really look closely, we can see the weather is getting chillier, rainier, and the days are shorter.

While some of you may still go on trips and enjoy the good weather in Southern Europe, some (me!) are already preparing for the winter to come. I am personally looking forward to it (even if I really like not having to wear coats nor tights).

Fashion trends may seem fleeting, but we all know they keep coming back again and again. While looking through the Fall/Winter 2019 trends, I noticed some Spring/Summer 2019 trends so that means that you could possibly wear certain thin clothes all through winter, courtesy of smart layering.

Suits & Cinched Waists

I thought that having a pastel suit was a thing of the past (spring), but having a cool suit in your wardrobe is a must have anyway. Suits and cinched waists are one trend that goes on all year round. I plan to get my hands on a plaid one and still a pastel one.


I wasn’t necessarily a fan of capes until now, but they do look so chic!

Purple shades

While I still love millenial pink, I would definitely love for millenial purple to catch on for longer!


It seems like neon is another trends that will continue into fall and winter! Wearing a neon coat will definitely stand out against the gloomy weather.

Bold yellow

Talking about bold – yellow is a must have this season!

Animal print

The same goes for animal print – if you wanted a leopard print faux fur coat, now is the time!

What’s your favorite Fall/Winter 2019 trend?

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