Summer Sun protection: 3 Essential Suncare Tips

Summer means vacation time which means beach time! You may be quickly packing away your bikinis, and sunnies to high the beach, but there is one super important beauty product that you must not forget: sunscreen! Until last year or so, I used to hit the beach (or the pool) without any protection (shivering at the thought of that!). I am lucky to not have a sensitive pale skin, but one that rather tans easily. I do remember being sun burnt in my life (and that was so painful), but those were rather events when I was not even trying to tan, but simply walking in the sun. This was lesson for me to apply sunscreen no matter what you do in the sun!

Staying too long in the sun can take it’s toll on your skin – sun burns on the day, but very damaging effects on the long term. You have to be careful about not only your face, but also your body, and protect them from the damaging rays of sun. If you are not careful, in time, your body may be prone to dark spots, wrinkles and, in the worst cases, skin cancer.

expert suncare tips3 essential suncare tips for healthy skin

1. you have to have a regular cleansing routine that keeps your skin clean, exfoliated and well moisturized. Don’t hesitate to use even sheet masks and body lotions if you are one that has dry skin in the sun.
2. If you want to be super tan, I would opt for a fake tan. I tried it once and it was great for a quick glow. It’s important to have a properly exfoliated skin before applying the fake tan. If you are a person that tans easily, like me, you can limit your stay in the sun (morning and afternoons, avoid the peak hours) as long as you apply regularly sunscreen.
3. The higher the SPF, the better! I went to the beach for 3 mornings in a row, applying SPF 30 all over my body. I did manage to get a nice tan and at the same time, I protected my skin. I not only wear SPF at the beach or in summer, but all year round! I apply face cream with SPF (and even BB cream) all winter long because the sun and the UV aren’t taking any break.

And more importantly, don’t forget to hydrate! This is not only a skincare tip, but a health tip that you should follow all year long!

sun protection - expert suncare tipsWhat are your suncare tips? Are you also extra careful with protecting your skin against the sun?

summer skincare tips

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