Embroidered Skirt and Graphic Tees

Last week we returned to cold Luxembourg from hot & humid Thailand. I adjusted to the weather here better than expected – you know I’m a person that loves cold weather! I switched from shorts, tees and hair in a ponytail to jeans, boots, sweaters and coats!

Upon my arrival, I realized I forgot to share one summer outfit! The embroidered fake leather and graphic tee outfit would work perfectly for warm weather, but definitely not on the Thailand weather (even airy cotton shorts would stick to me and make me sweaty and uncomfortable). However, if you have under 15C weather, you can still wear skirt and tee, as long as you pair it with warm tights, boots, jacket and scarf. I am such a lover of cold fresh weather that I can manage to pull this off for under 10C weather.

Embroidered Skirt Graphic TEe


Embroidered Skirt Graphic Tee

Embroidered Skirt Graphic Tee

I find embroidered skirts to be rather elegant and should be paired with a nice white ruffle top and flats. But at the same time, they are so versatile and can definitely be dressed down. That’s why I went for two different graphic tees – the flamingo tee for bringing summer vibes into winter, and the text-based t-shirt to remind everyone around me that I am always up for lunch.

I am so glad I went for a size up for the skirt (I usually do when ordering from Asian websites) and it’s feels very comfortable. Same with the t-shirts! I love how they are soft, made of cotton, and – most importantly – their sleeves have a proper length! Am I the only woman that finds everywhere t-shirts to have super short and uncomfortable sleeves?

Embroidered Skirt Graphic Tee

Embroidered Skirt Graphic Tee

Embroidered Skirt

The graphic tees are also longer than usual women t-shirts which adds up to the comfiness factor! This allows me to wear them on lazy days with leggings, any type of jeans and also make a small knot to the side if I’m feeling like being *fashionable*.

Since starting my blog, I am not afraid anymore to combine items that might not look like they match at first – just like an embroidered skirt and a graphic tee. What do you think of the combination?

Full outfit from Zaful: Embroidered Skirt / Flamingo TShirt / Text Tshirt / Tassle Earrings

Bag from Skimp

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  1. I adore the looks such an excellent skirt the weaved mold style truly an extraordinary look! this tee and skirt is the beat mix outfits i’m additionally looking this sort skirt says thanks to you such a great amount for sharing this post!

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