Distressed Boyfriend Jeans with a Feminine Touch

distressed boyfriend jeans

I have previously tackled the topic on feminine ways to wear boyfriend jeans and I am doing it again simply because I find them to be such a must have piece in everybody’s wardrobe.

Styling distressed boyfriend jeans

The distressed boyfriend jeans are extremely comfortable because of the high waist and the loose cut. If you don’t want to go for a too tomboyish outfit, you will want to add a more feminine touch. You can do that with any top that has ruffles, lace, bows or embroidery, and in either very bright warm colours or pastels. Other ways to add a feminine touch to distressed boyfriend jeans is with the appropriate shoes – they can go with anything from statement sneakers to high heeled sandals and platforms.

distressed ripped jeans

There are many different models of distressed boyfriend jeans but I opted for light blue and very distressed ones (there are basically holes at my knees). In order to add a feminine touch, I went for an off the shoulder sweater (because off the shoulder is still in this summer!) with delicate bows, and a black bag with silver details. For the shoes, I kept it simple and casual – white sneakers with a bit of grey sparkles. It is a very comfortable and feminine outfit that I will surely replicate with white sandals!

distressed ripped jeans

Distressed boyfriend jeans from Zaful / Off the shoulder sweater from Zaful / Bag from Zaful / Sneakers from Everything 5 Pounds

off shoulder ripped jeans_3

Do you enjoy styling distressed boyfriend jeans?

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distressed boyfriend jeans feminine touch

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