Dainty Jewelry that is Utter Perfection

Dainty Jewelry from the Happiness Boutique closeup

When I was contacted by the Happiness Boutique for a collaboration, I said yes right away! It is an online store for the fashion-forward women with timelessly classic pieces. Aside from their great pieces, they also offer free shipping (ah those magic words) as well as a customer reward program!

Dainty Jewelry

As I have been in love with their dainty jewelry for a long time and it was incredibly difficult to choose which pieces to feature!

Dainty Jewelry from the Happiness Boutique
I have decided in the end to pick two delicate and minimalist rings that can easily go well with my wedding and engagement rings. I love the box as well as the individual packaging – plus, there was a hand written note! This totally melted my heart!

Dainty Jewelry from the Happiness Boutique in the box

Dainty Jewelry from the Happiness Boutique on the hand

I think that these rings can definitely be worn on a day to day basis and add a bit of sparkle to the outfit without being too much! If you haven’t checked out the Happiness Boutique then maybe now is the time to get your hands on some dainty jewelry! Don’t forget that you have 10% off with my code saccharine-soul if you make a purchase over 19 E until 22 November.

Rose Gold Swirl Cross Over Ring /Bejewelled Cross the Line Ring

The dainty jewelry from the Happiness Boutique is the perfect accessories for your daily outfits by adding that extra sparkle!

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